Elon Musk and Grimes Reveals Their Baby’s Viking Haircut But are “Not sure This went well”

elon musk baby viking haircut

Elon musk Baby Viking Haircut : Elon musk Baby Viking Haircut is trending after his name. Grimes, Renowned singer and mother of XÆ A-XII (Don’t ask us for pronunciation.) has given him a special Haircut. Grimes Reveals from where she’s inspired for this new look for their baby. This Haircut took some inspiration from Last … Read more

T.I And Tiny Facing Allegations of Sex Trafficking

t.i and tiny facing allegations

T.I and Tiny Facing Allegations: T.I and Tiny Facing Allegations Of sex trafficking, and Forcing to take drugs. Around 20 women came forward with these allegations and shared their experiences. Three times Grammy winner Tip/ T.I said to be forcing women for sex and Drug with his wife Tiny’s involvement. However, No official complaints are … Read more

International space station (ISS)Astronauts Detect Blue Lighting Through European ASIM

ISS Detect blue lightning through European ASIM

ISS Detect blue lightning : Astronauts of ISS detect blue lighting from clouds to the stratosphere. They have detected 5 blue lights shooting up right from clouds that create thunderstorms directly 50 Km above the earth’s surface i.e, stratosphere. However, each 5 of blue lighting’s only lasted for 10 milliseconds or less. Let’s find out … Read more

Rock Formation that looks like Cookie Monster could be worth more than $10,000

Cookie Monster Rock Worth more than $10,000

Me want cookie! (Famous phrase of Cookie Monster) modified. And Rare rock collectors are quoting “Me want Cookie Monster Rock!” Nowadays.  And Be it at a price of $10,000 or more. Wondering why? And what is so special about this Rock? That, People wanted to pay this much amount just for mere Rock.  Let’s find … Read more