The expert music direcor AR Rahman has unmasked the rationale as to why he has been composing music for fewer films lately. Rahman has composed the tunes for Sushant Singh Rajput’s film Dil Bechara.

A gang working against AR Rehman in the Tinsel Town!

While chatting with Radio Mirchi, Rahman told that he doesn’t say no to sensible movies, however he believes there is a gang, which, because of misunderstandings, is spreading some false rumours.

He further stated that once Mukesh Chhabra came to him, and Rehman gave him four songs in 2 days. Chhabra further told him that many asked him not to connect with him for work and further narrated stories after stories to him.

This is how AR Rehman detected and perceived why he was doing less (work in Hindi films) and why the great movies were not approaching him. He also mentioned that he was doing dark movies, and that was a result of an entire gang operating against him, without any acknowledgement that they were doing harm.

He also added that folks expect him to do things, however there was another gang of individuals preventing that from happening. Nevertheless, the singer is fine with all of this as he firmly believes in destiny. He mentioned, he believes that everything comes from God. Henceforth, he is taking his movies and doing his different stuff.

However, he approached people to come back to him. He added, ‘create lovely films and come back to me’.

AR Rahman, who has composed over one hundred songs in varied languages, in a career traversing 3 decades, lately co-wrote and created the film 99 Songs, and for that he has additionally outlined the initial score.

In addition, he has won the National Awards six times whereas he has double won at the Oscars and also the Grammys’ (all four for his contribution in 2008’s film Slumdog Millionaire).

A gang working against AR Rehman in the Tinsel Town is such a shame.

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