Amigos Movie Review: Kalyan Ram’s Triple Role Performance

Amigos is the latest film of Tollywood’s leading actor, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram. Directed by debutant Rajendra Reddy and produced by Mythri Movie Makers, the film has garnered a lot of buzz as Kalyan Ram plays a triple role. In this Amigos movie review, we’ll take a look at the story, the positive and negative aspects, the technical aspects, and finally the verdict.

Amigos movie review


Siddharth (Kalyan Ram), a resident of Hyderabad, is fascinated by the concept of doppelgangers. He sets out on a journey to find his lookalikes, and much to his surprise, he finds not one but two of them. The three of them soon meet and Siddharth takes their help to win the heart of Ishika (Ashika Ranganath). However, things take an unexpected turn when they come to know about Michael’s unknown side. The film is all about the answers to the questions raised by this turn of events.

Positive Aspects

Kalyan Ram steals the show in this film. The actor shines in his triple role, showing variations and delivering a brilliant performance. He was ruthless as Michael, innocent as Manjunath, and subtle as Siddharth. The film has some interesting moments and the second half is fast-paced. The placement of the song Enno Ratrulosthayi is good and provides much-needed relief in this action drama. Ashika Ranganath makes a decent debut, looking gorgeous and performing well in her limited role. Brahmaji and Jaya Prakash also delivered good performances in their supporting roles.

Negative Aspects

The concept of doppelgangers is interesting but the screenplay could have been more engaging. The first half of the film is slow and boring, with a middling narrative throughout. The film becomes predictable after a point, with a weak interval bang. The editing could have been better, and the background score could have been enhanced. The portrayal of the NIA is unsatisfactory, with a lack of sharp editing and effective background score.

Technical Aspects

The film boasts good cinematography by Soundar Rajan, with high-quality production values. However, the background score by Ghibran could have been better and more care could have been taken to enhance the impact of the film. The editing could have been sharper, especially in the first half of the film, which needed some heavy corrections.

Debutant director Rajendra Reddy did a decent job with Amigos. He picked a fascinating concept and had a perfect casting, but the issues in writing played a spoilsport. A better screenplay could have elevated the film from just being an “okay” flick to a very good thriller.


Overall, Amigos is a mixed bag, with a below-par first half and a decent second half. The film benefits greatly from Kalyan Ram’s excellent performance, as well as strong supporting roles from Ashika Ranganath, Brahmaji, and others. This was the Amigos movie review.┬áThe film had more potential, but it was not fully utilized. Hence, Amigos is a just an okay watch this weekend.


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