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Among Us 2 Cancelled! Because the original is too Popular

Among US 2 Cancelled
"Among US 2 Cancelled"

Can you imagine a game being called off due to its popularity? Well, it has happened Folks! Among Us 2 cancelled because of the originals huge player base. The recent surge in its fan base propelled the studio to cancel the sequel and work on the original game. They thought it will be good to improve and make the original game better first. Well, what a piece of news. I think it’s the first time I have heard a sequel being cancelled due to a game’s popularity. Well, 2020 is full of surprises.


Among us 2 cancelled by the studio in favor of focusing all their attention on Among Us 1. While working on Among Us 1 is quite difficult, due to its antiquated code base. It makes sense as it’s a lucrative move. Of course, also taking into account its sudden popularity the studio has their work cut out for them. It is a lot of work to adapt the game to the much larger player base than the studio anticipated.

Among US 2 Cancelled
“Among Us 1 being Improved”
On-Going Work on Among Us 1

Since Among Us 2 cancelled the studio has announced that all the content planned for it will go in Among Us 1.  That spells out a boatload of work as they would have to go into base code and change several things.  The game servers are taking quite a hammering due to its sudden rise to popularity. This poses a problem as they were not made to handle such a large base but it’s being worked on.  Phew! it seems like the studio will be very busy. But on an exciting note, color-blind support and a friend system are on the horizon. That would be quite a refreshing change.

When Innersloth has made the announcement for the sequel last month it had realized that the original game was not made for such a load. So Among Us 2 cancelled and they decided to rework on the original game. Well for what it’s worth we think it’s a good decision.

Well, I can’t wait to try out the improved version of Among Us 1. What about you? Do you think this was a good move? Comment below.

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