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Among Us 2 Cancelled

Among Us 2

Is Among Us 2 Cancelled?

Yesterday the developers of Among Us announced that the planned sequel to Among Us, Among Us 2, is officially cancelled. (You can find the official announcement in here: The Future of Among Us.)

However, fans won’t despair over this announcement. A quick read tells that everything is fine, because they are going to move everything that was planned for Among Us 2, straight into Among Us 1.

For more information on Among Us 2’s cancellation visit here: Among Us 2 Cancelled! Because the original is too Popular.

“The main reason we are shooting for a sequel is because the codebase of Among Us 1 is so outdated and not built to support adding so much new content. However, seeing how many people are enjoying Among Us 1 really makes us want to be able to support the game and take it to the next level.” – InnerSloth, The Future of Among Us.

What Is the Among Us game?

Among Us is a game that has surged in popularity in recent months. InnerSloth made this game. You may also know them as the developers of another popular game, Henry Stickmin. Both series’ receive continuous praise this year. However, many people are just starting in their Among Us adventures.

To summarize, Among Us is a game about trying to survive on a ship that you must prep for boarding. There is an imposter among you (hence the name) and you must either work together with your crewmates to finish the tasks at hand, or find this deadly imposter and ship him off to space without a tether. Sounds straightforward right? While it may have a straightforward premise, the intricacies of both the game and it’s current direction of development state otherwise. An Among Us 2 game was quickly announced in response to the game’s massive swell in popularity. However, even the future of this game remains unclear.

Is Among Us Popular?

Among Us has risen in popularity almost overnight. It debuted in 2018 as a simple phone game, but didn’t make it’s true genesis until 2020. From there many memes, YouTube videos, fan creations, skits, and projects have been in progress, and the roll of Among Us doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Everything from high quality fan animations to plushies has been circulating heavily on the internet ever since August 2020. When a second game, Among Us 2 was announced, many people began to wonder how on earth this little mobile game gained so much traction in a short amount of time.

The answer to this question is actually more straightforward than one would think. The producing developer Inner Sloth is the one and same developer of Henry Stickmin. With the finish and republishing of the popular Henry Stickmin series, fans likely took a look at his entire library of publications, and ran into Among Us as a result. Now that the game has gained some footing, it can truly shine as the player and friend co-op it was supposed to be.

Why did Among Us get popular?

Many people ask this question with great puzzlement. Why would a game released in 2018 only gain traction two years later? Why didn’t the popularity of Henry Stickmin in 2018 lead to Among Us being popular in it’s genesis? That question is answered by a single platform: Twitch. This streaming site, in a way, is it’s own advertising platform. Sponsors, streamers, and popular people all are the most effective sorts of ads to the general public.

Streamers with thousands or millions of fans promoting your content will mean leagues better than the biggest billboard or longest Spotify ad you can buy. Why? Because those who watch Twitch watch it on purpose. And this game, Among Us, was played by Twitch streamers who’s fans noticed. Through streamers, Among Us took hold of its audience and became the game giant in popularity it is today. Now, even though we may have lost Among Us 2, we can still hope for a better future in the original Among Us.

Additionally, Among Us reminds us of other games we played as children. Many board games hold the same concept as Among Us. Reminiscent of days when we could play together with friends, Among Us reflects the same player co-op format as other games we played as children. This reason supports another element of why the game is so popular today.

Is Among Us coming to console?

It is unlikely that Among Us will come to console. The PC and phone versions use touch screen effectively. However, on a gaming console, you are limited to a controller. Additionally, Among Us is a very easy game to run. Placing Among Us on an Xbox One when it can easily function on your smartphone is a little over the top.

Also, Among Us requires a keyboard of sorts to play. As of now, PS4 and Xbox One do not usually have a keyboard or mouse to use with their systems, making Among Us truly more trouble than it is worth when ported to consoles. Some fans believed that the now dead sequel, Among Us 2, would be a console release. Now that that project is cancelled, those estimations have been diminished.

However, a Nintendo Switch port is not impossible. With its touch screen, portability, and intuitive controls, a Nintendo Switch port of the game may not be too far fetched as the game develops from its 2018 state into its new 2020 and beyond form through updates.

What can you play Among Us on? ,Among Us 2

Currently you can play Among Us on PC or any phone. The developers plan to keep this game centered on its phone using audience. Given the fact that the major audience plays on mobile devices, the InnerSloth made the correct choice. InnerSloth continues to improve the game every day in hopes that the fans stay and continue to play this wonderful little game.  


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