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Among Us Hide and Seek Mode: How to Play Hide and Seek Mode in Among Us [Best settings, instructions and more.]

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As you may know, Among Us is one of the most trending games worldwide as of August 2020. The simple game has been on many smartphones, computers, and other devices. However, some people have found that the main game has grown little stale to them. They want other ways to play.

Here you’ll find one of the best ways that you can play Among Us: the Hide and Seek mode. Some popular YouTubers came up with this mode. This is not through updates or anything official, but this is done by purely the imagination and some simple rule changes.

This new mode can give you a fresh twist on your Among Us lobbies that you play with your friends, and can also help create new interest in the game. There are a few sets of rules that help you get the proper hide and seek format. This article will list down the rules, details, and everything you need to know about how to play this new Among Us mode.

Among Us Hide and Seek Mode Format

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Please note that the hide and seek mode in Among Us should only be played with friends and not random people. This mode should be played with people that you can voice chat with independently.

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Here are the rules that you need to follow to start playing the hide and seek mode.

  • Crewmates will know and be aware of who is the impostor of the game period before the game starts.
  • The impostor will be still and give a countdown of 20 seconds before they move.
  • Crewmates should run in this 20 seconds.
  • Crewmates are not allowed to fix the lights that are sabotaged by the impostor.
  • Impostors are not allowed to sabotage the map other than turning off the lights.
  • Dead bodies are not allowed to be reported.
  • Emergency meetings cannot be reported.
  • Crew mates need to finish all of their tasks to win the game before the imposter kills the entire crew.

However, after you have set up these rules there are other things that you need to tweak to make this mode good for you.

  • Player speed 1.5 X
  • Crewmate vision 5X
  • Impostor vision .25 X
  • Kill cooldown 20 seconds
  • Kill distance short
  • Visual tasks off
  • Common tasks 2
  • Long tasks 2
  • Short tasks 3

This rule format makes the game far more interesting to play than normal. It is reminiscent of a good hide and seek game, and can bring life to your game of than just playing in a normal fashion. Try this out with your friends, and let us know if it was fun to play in the comments below.

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