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Among Us Map Guide The Skeld – Map, Vents, Ways to Move Around [Updated]

Among us skeld map

Among Us Skeld Map: Here’s the guide for Skeld Map in Among Us. This helps you to be quick in sabotaging different points and quick venting for impostors. This will give one a quick map layout to complete tasks.

Good and descriptive knowledge of the map may help one to win a game whether an imposter or a crewmate. This article will help one understand the Skeld map better and know where to vent and how to run away from imposters and survive.

Understanding Skeld Map

Here’s The Skeld Map Among Us Map Layout with some more important and gaming winning information is given, which one should know while playing.

  • Every time, the game starts in the Cafeteria where the Emergency meeting button is placed (In the center of the cafeteria on the table).
  • There are 13 rooms in Skeld map apart from the spawning area which is Cafeteria.
  • The Skeld Map consists of 14 vents all over and to know their exact positions and connectivity, check out this image below:
skeld map among us vents connection
Source: u/Nefichan on Reddit

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  • One should be aware that if he/she is an imposter then they have some specials powers not available to the crewmates. There are many things an imposter can sabotage such as Reactor, electricity, oxygen, and communication. Imposter can also close doors of many places across the map.

the skeld among us sabotage points

  • Crewmates have to visit different exclamation marked(!) locations in the map to the complete simple missions assigned to them. If all the crewmates complete there assigned missions then their team will win.

skeld map missions

  • Don’t go alone to complete your missions as the imposter may kill you.
  • From the Admin room, one can access the entire map where one can see the location of other players. If one monitors others’ location and activity carefully then can determine who is the imposter.

The Map overview

The Skeld is one of the big maps in Among Us and many times crewmates get lost roaming across the hallways. Completing one’s tasks in either a counter-clockwise or clockwise rotation will make it easier to keep track of one’s missions. This will help one to quickly pick up from where they left off, after meetings, and will save one from aimlessly wandering across the map. There also are three minigames that have visual signifiers that other users can see when you finish them. These are present across the map, which is the medical scan in Medbay, destroying asteroids in Weapons, and flushing out the garbage in Storage.

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