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Among Us Polus Map Guide

Among Us Polus Map: Perhaps you have desired to dazzle your buddies and also make them question their own faith? If you replied “Yes” than programmer InnerSloth’s Among Us is your match to get you.

This multiplayer matches actions players with repairing a futuristic base as 1 2 imitation crew-mates make an effort to murder the users. Among Us encourages visitors to simply talk throughout special”conversation” minutes to level the playing field for those imposters. This crafts stressed scenarios, where folks make an effort to divert, accuse, and rescue themselves from getting chained to space.

Among those secrets to residing Among Us is just actually really a heart comprehension of the 3 distinct maps. Each comes with their particular minigames and challenges which you’ll want to comprehend as the crewmate or imposter. Following is a break down of Polus’ map, that’s the most significant map Among Us.

Among Us Polus Map

Polus Map

The greatest of those 3 Maps in Among Us, Polus allows players to research both indoors and out of an icy foundation. This implies there exists a whole good deal of ground to cover between chambers, which is dangerous if you should be a crew-mate seeking to finish your tasks. Polus includes 1-5 rooms, not counting on any one of those decontamination chambers which must proceed through in the event that you’d like to go into a structure. Very similar to Mi Ra HQ, those decontamination rooms will shield some body to get a couple seconds, denying them access before doors shut.

There are also are a dozen ports (which can be openings in the earth ) around Polus. These ports are not all connected, and that means you ought to plan carefully in case you are an imposter. Additionally, there are no port locations in either the ground right and bottom left parts of the map. It’s possible to see every port on the map indicated in red combined side at which they are able to spit out you in green. I suggest keeping up this map in the event that you are fresh to be certain that you never create an expensive mistake.

Among Us Polus Map Guide
Among Us Polus Map Guide

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Among Us Polus Map Beginner Recommendations

To become evident, Polus should just be played in the event that you have approximately 8-10 people since the map is all but overly tricky for the crew-mates because of the absolute size. I suggest always traveling with a good close companion or some group as it’s really simple to be both dispersed and murdered.

Be extra careful in the decontamination chambers, since they are going to seal off anyone from entering or leaving for a quick time period. Be cautious of port locations, because the south section of the map is generally safer compared to the northwest. 1 tip I love to use will be always waiting to finish my tasks before the very first meeting and after that convince folks ahead as a set for the interest of safety.

In terms of imposters, you are going to desire to make a decent utilization of the distance and that means you’re able to pick those off that ramble about. Make use of the vents to just shop around the map but you should be careful whilst the Admin room boasts cameras. Ordinarily, there are one or more people attempting to grab somebody in the action via these cameras.– Among Us Polus Map

Ordinarily, this might have been an issue, however since there exists a port in the room you’re able to certainly kill anybody on camera and vanish before your system can be detected. Decontamination rooms would be the very best friend, utilize these to produce quick flows, or keep tabs on where individuals are. Only attempt to have an alibi and therefore avoid being a loner that the whole match or you are inclined to be kicked from this bunch.

Soon map layouts for MIRA HQ and The Skeld will be uploaded be in touch.


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