Ananya Birla On Racism: Slam US Restaurant For Being Racist

Birlas Hit With Racial Remarks

The US is heating up with the racism dispute. For many days now the US is on news repeatedly for their racial remark. And recently that happened to Ananya Birla.

Ananya Birla is the daughter of Aditya Birla Groups Chairman Mangalam Birla. She is an independent woman and having a career in singing and art. Ananya recently went to sine in with her mother in California.

They choose one Italian-American Restaurant and waited literally 3 hours to get their food. The restaurant is a famous place to dine in the city and named The Scopa and runs by a famous chef Antonia Lofaso in California.

Ananya Birla Lashes Out

Ananya took her Twitter to handle to report the matter and show her disgust over the matter. She is utterly disappointed with the service and took one waiter’s rude behavior with her and her mother.

A waiter named Joshua Silverman was extremely rude to her mother and they literally threw them out of the Restaurant. Anaya lashes out at the restaurant for such a racial remark.

Ananya’s mother also took her Twitter to handle to bring the matter to light. The woman activist Neerja Birla lashes at them and said they can’t treat any of their customers in such a disgraceful manner.

Racism Exists, Said Aryaman Birla

Aryaman Birla came in support of the family and said he never experienced such behavior. Racism exists and for real, he added further.

Ananya Birla
Ananya Birla

Ananya also tweeted tagging the restaurant owner and briefly narrated the incident that just occurred to them. Really an unpleasant incident.  Other Tweeter came in support of the Birla family and show utter disappointment over the Scopa restaurant.

Racial remark in anyplace is completely unacceptable. The restaurant owner has not come up with any clarification on the matter. But netizens accepting a quick response from their site and clarification on the issue.

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