Apple threatens Parler App to ‘Improve Moderation’ in 24 hours or Get banned from App Store

Apple Threatens Parler App :

Apple threatens Parler App to Improve its  moderation policy or it will be removed from App Store within 24 hours. As per Buzzfeed reports. Apple has taken this step because Trump’s supporters are spreading hate speech and violence. And they are using this app after getting banned from Twitter and Facebook.

So let’s find out, full story behind this action and Parler’s response.

Parler spreading Hate speech :

Numbers of Trump supporters has Stomped  U.S Capitol as this bunch of ignorants believe that there is fraudulent in presidential election. And they chose to skip wearing mask obviously they will because their leader is in spotlight for many days for not considering mask as an option. But keeping that aside for now this unfortunate incident has claimed 6 lives.

As Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Already freezes Donald Trumps account for specific time. As he posted contents which completely urges his supporters to take this action. Therefore Apple threatens Parler App to implement such policies.  Spreading hate comments can be very dangerous for people especially at times like this.

What is Parler App Moderation Policy:

Apple Threatens Parler App
Apple Threatens Parler App to improve their moderation policy

If you are Ban from top sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook then Parler will accept you with open arms. So advertise themselves as app that gives you freedom to express yourself. Without the threat to freeze your account.

All we can say is Parler has to keep its policy aside at times like this. When an incident has claimed this lives including a police officer.  This is really the time when Parler need to do some serious thinking because one hate speech, comment or post can really go long way. Along with the App Store google should also take such steps.

Parler’s Response:

In an recent interview Parler’s CEO said that this US Capitol incident is really unfortunate, but they are not responsible for any hate speech  spreading. They may not be directly involved but they should really take action now.

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  • Apple has given ultimatum to Parler’s App to improve their Moderation policy or app will get banned from the platform
  • No response came from the Parler’s but in an recent interview CEO of the app cleared that he doesn’t think it is some platforms Mistake.
  • After Apple threatens Parler app, we have to wait and see what step this app will take. Or is it it’s last day on App Store