Apple to Make Data Tracking Disclosure Mandatory for App Store Developers After December 8

Apple to Make Data Tracking Disclosure:

Apple Will Make Disclosure of Data Tracking Mandatory for App Store Developers After December 8. The tech giant Apple has asked app developers to submit data generated because of tracking or updating.

Apple to Make Data Tracking Disclosure: mandatory from Dec8.

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New developments to protect User privacy:

Apple informed its IOS developers that all the data while developing a new app for Apple or a third party should be disclosed. This development is for protecting user privacy and it will take effect from December 8. The developers will have to inform the type of data it collects. Apple store Listing will label it so that users understand its privacy practices better.

How is Apple to Make Data Tracking Disclosure:

The Ios developers will get multiple options and they will have to choose responses. They will have to disclose the data they collect by themselves or via a third party. Apple has also warned the responses should be accurate.

Why is User privacy so important :

A single company collects data or information from millions of users. It is the duty of the company to keep this data private or else it can be misused. People are sensitive when their health or financial data is disclosed. Privacy gives us the freedom to make the right decisions without undue influence. Thus User privacy and data tracking disclosure become important.

Meanwhile, another Tech Giant Google is also following a similar path:

Google is revising its policies and restricting the advertising for spyware and malware that make use of tracking in an unauthorized way. The policy came to effect from August 2020. Without permission from authorities, it will not allow advertisers to promote products that track user activities. These products usually track calls, chats, cameras, microphones, etc. This new policy can prevent fraud and help users a more private and secure online experience.

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