AT&T to sell Crunchyroll to Sony Funimation for $1.75 Billion

Crunchyroll sold to Sony Funimation :

AT&T wanted to sell Crunchyroll for months now. The company is burdened with debt. For lightening, this debt burden AT&T has taken this big step. Now finally Crunchyroll is sold to Sony Funimation.

So, are we about to see this legendary merging between Crunchyroll and Funimation? Wanna know, Read further.

What is Funimation ?:

Funimation is an Anime streaming site. Acquired by Sony in the year 2017. This site is Anime lovers’ heaven. Dubbed and subbed Japanese anime is their specialty.

It is one of the best sites ever for fans if you happen to love Anime.

What is Crunchyroll:

Crunchyroll is also an Anime streaming site. This site has the biggest anime collections. Even more than Funimation.
It is safe to say Crunchyroll has a vast library in terms of anime selections.

Sony Merging Crunchyroll and Funimation? :

Crunchyroll sold to Sony for a whopping $1.75 billion.  As Funimation offers pretty much a similar service to Crunchyroll. It will be interesting to see if Sony is pondering this collaboration.
However, nothing is confirmed by Sony but it will be a great initiative if these two sites will merge

Crunchyroll’s Distribution:

In their recent statements, Sony praised Crunchyroll and its team. It’s for their efforts and the distribution of their services.  That they have such a big reputation in the anime streaming world.

It’s definitely true if you compare the two Crunchyroll is way better than Funimation in every aspect.

Crunchyroll sold to Sony fumination
Crunchyroll sold to Sony Funimation

Sony’s service distribution :

Sony has also reached some milestones in this area. Therefore they can definitely do justice when it comes to their streaming services.

There are Numbers of Sony streaming services available all over the world.

Working together :

Crunchyroll was the biggest competitor to Sony Funimation. Now if these two will work together consumers will gain a great streaming experience and services. Both are the best in this field


  • AT&T sold Crunchyroll to Sony Funimation.
  • This deal cost Sony Whopping $ 1.75 billion.
  • Anime lovers will get great services and experience as they Both are the best in their field.
  • Sony even praised Crunchyroll for its marketing and distribution.

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