Lesbians and Gays (LGBT) have a risk of being attacked in Kenyan refugee camps. As same-sex relationships are punishable in the country by law for 14 years in jail. As a victim was threatened to death, molested, sexually harassed, and raped to prove a point. People have been threatening people who prefer same-sex relationships.

There are around 300 gays, lesbians, and transgender people in Kakuma refugee camps in northern Kenya, where they are continuously tortured for their sexual orientation. the police and the united nations refugee agency (UNHCR) have certainly failed to protect them .While the agency claims that they help people whenever they hear a complaint to provide medical, legal, emotional, socio-economic, and psychological support.

Reportedly, the Kenya’s national police spokesman Charles Owino said that he was unaware of the crime happening against the LGBT community. The victims also claimed that other refugees brought matches and iron bars for injuring and burning people, while 4 adults and 2 children were harmed during this incident. Victims have also told the authorities that the police insulted the victims instead of helping them . The attackers have also burned down 3 houses while the government has suspended all refugee camps due to the coronavirus outbreak. And have asked people to follow the rules of social distancing and all of the protesters. All the refugees have returned back to their respective places where the victims were raped again

As the situation in Kenya is worsening due to increasing crime rate in the country ,women are a major victim as they are unable to escape the fate set by their families .Reportedly, a victim told the officers that she was raped till being pregnant and then her father asked her to marry her rapist .The world has been facing pandemic issues :Life in Kenya is much more conservative and the government has taken no strict action in order to bring down the crime rate of the country and might people find migrating from the country a suitable option for them. A sexual choice should be given to every person and the victims should be given justice in order to trust the law and order but the government have failed to do so .

People have faced discrimination being from the LGBT community all over Kenya . Meanwhile, the police and the government has been doing nothing but sitting idle, people are falling victim to rape, sexual harassment, and abuse .Where the world has been following a new age era, Kenya is struck in the past of conservancy.

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