Malika Haqq on O.T Genasis clubbing on her Babymoon!

Malika Haqq on O.T Genasis

A totally different Babymoon! Malika Haqq has confirmed her pregnancy in September 2019 and also confirmed that ex-boyfriend O.t Genasis was the father. But the couple are no longer together, so Malika Haqq spends her Babymoon with Bestie Khloe Kardashian. While Malika was having the babymoon, the news exploded with pictures of O.T out clubbing. … Read more

Riddick Sequel moving forward: May go into Production soon

Any plans for the Vin Diesel starring series have always been delayed for one reason or the other. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Riddick 4: Furya’s arrival, but the series seems to be stuck in the development phase. But Good news for all the fans out there, Riddick Sequel moving forward. The last update was … Read more

Rapper Logic Buys Pokémon Cards for $220,000

We invest our hard-earned money somewhere or the other. Some in house, rentals, stocks, and well some in graded cards. They have been gaining momentum with people. And recently Rapper Logic Buys Pokémon Cards for $220,000, is the trending news. Astounding isn’t it? How rare those Pokémon cards must have been? Well, they got the … Read more

Miranda Lambert’s Birthday Wish for Husband: “Adorable”

Brendan McLoughlin had celebrated his birthday recently. And look how adorable Miranda Lambert’s birthday wish was for her husband. The superstar wrote a sweet wish on Instagram for her husband. She took to Instagram and shared a series of heartwarming photographs and wrote an equally beautiful message for her dear husband. Fans can’t control their … Read more

Cris Tales Launch Date Delayed to Sometime in Early 2021!

Cris Tales Launch Date Delayed to Sometime in Early 2021. This announcement was made today by Modus games today. The upcoming JRPG Chris Tales was poised to release next month and was only going to be available on Switch and other consoles. But now that the launch has been delayed it will be released on … Read more

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Neve Campbell reunite on Scream 5 with David and Courtney

Awesome news Folks, the official filming of Scream 5 is finally happening! And guess what? Who would be called back to play their characters? Well, Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell reunite on Scream 5. Neve is really excited to revive her role as Sydney and she just can’t wait to start shooting. The actress had … Read more

Toby Maguire in SpiderMan 3- Rumor or Truth?

Something big is coming your way Spidey Fans! All the Spidey lovers around the world gear-up and pay attention. A source that is closely involved with SpiderMan movies had revealed something extraordinary. It has been confirmed that along with Tom Holland, we will see Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire in SpiderMan 3. The rumor is … Read more