Bar Refaeli sentenced in tax evasion case

bar rafaeli
Bar rafaeli

Bar Refaeli was sentenced to nine months of community service on Sunday; in the tax evasion case. Tzipi Refaeli, her mother, was sentenced to 16 months’ imprisonment. The verdict came after she was found guilty of evading taxes on her international career earnings.

Bar Rafaeli
Bar Rafaeli

Bar Refaeli had pleaded guilty to tax crimes; under a plea deal that included her mother too. Israel’s tax authorities have convicted the two of evading around $7.2 million income taxes.

Refaeli entered the Tel Aviv courthouse wearing a beige T-shirt. She also sported a light blue surgical face mask. Her parents and a group of lawyers accompanied her.

Safety and security precautions were ensured and secured for their court appearance on Sunday; with barricades in the lobby marking an elevator route that carried the two to the courtroom.

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Bar Refaeli was accused of making false claims about her spans of residency overseas to avoid Israeli taxes earlier in July.

Bar Refaeli, 35, and a mother of three and married to an Israeli businessman, Adi Ezra, had claimed at the time that she was living abroad and in order to evade from any Israeli tax bill. But the prosecutors claimed she had been staying in luxurious homes in Israel rented to cover her citizenship status from her mother and other relatives.

Israelis who are not citizens are exempted from reporting income to Israel’s tax authorities from outside the country.

The Court’s Administration, in a statement said, Bar Refaeli was formally assigned to conduct community service; for people with physical disabilities at a center near Tel Aviv; five days a week. Her mother, on the other hand, was scheduled to begin her prison sentence from September 21.

The two were fined 2.5 million shekels ($722.460); in addition to the unpaid taxes. Sources reported they will potentially have to pay around 25 million shekels ($7.2 million); including interest payments, to the authorities.

The ruling has ended a lengthy case. Refaeli was first detained and interviewed in back in December 2015.

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