Barbarians Netflix :What was the battle of Teutoburg forest

What is Barbarians Netflix series?

This series is based on story of a Roman officer’s strife between the Empire who raise him and his tribe.

About Barbarian Netflix series :

As Netflix is best for its Historical genre series this is No exception.

Barbarians have six episodes each of 40-50 minutes. This series is defined really binge watching worthy

Main Cast of barbarians Netflix series :

  • Laurence Rupp as Arminius /Ari
  • Jeanna Goursaud as Thusnelda
  • David Schütter as Folkwin wolfspeer
  • Gaetano Aronica as Varus
  • Jeremeny Miliker as Ansgar

They all are great actors their acting, screen time ,dialogue delivery is really a delight. This Netflix series is set in 9 A.D. From its costume to set up everything is really great.

This whole story line revolves around the battle of Teutoburg forest. How they planned this battle why this battle happened in first place. What are the motives behind this battle is shown in Barbarians Netflix series.

What is battle of Teutoburg Forest ?:

Teutoburg battle image source :BBC

The battle of Teutoburg forest is nothing but described as a varian disaster. Battle of Teutoburg forest led quite destruction to all three Roman legions and those few who survived were made slaves.

Battle of Teutoburg forest was fought  in 9AD as we saw in Barbarians Netflix series
where Germanic tribe won over three Roman legions. Arminius led Germanic tribe ,And Publius quinctilius led Roman legions Romans defeat was so catastrophic Hence threatened the survival of Rome itself.

About Arminius :

  • Arminius is the warrior who won the battle of The Teutoburg forest as shown in Barbarians Netflix series. In history Arminius was 25 years old prince of cherusci tribe
  • Arminius was comparatively young from one in series
  • Arminius also known as Ari in the series  spoke Latin and was very familiar with Roman tactics

Arminius’s motive was not very clear But many says that he wants to become a king of the tribe.

Conclusion :

Barbarians Netflix series is great historic roller coaster to watch. As it always great to know more about history .This series will give you that experience. Therefore this series will  be a great experience to actually watch how this historic battle has taken place

What are the tactic They both used, who betrayed who will be great.

Especially this series has Eye soothing scenery, abundant of emotions and great costumes. Overall it is a great series.

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