Beverly Hills restaurant planning secret New Year’s dinner despite COVID closures

A Beverly Hills restaurant found itself surrounded by backlash for violating COVID protocols. Reportedly, Beverly Hills restaurant La Scala is planning a secret bash for New Year’s dinner despite COVID closures. The restaurant gave an invitation to customers for a “secret” indoor New Year’s Eve celebration. Apparently, it was going to be held in breach of Los Angeles County COVID-19 rules.

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The protocols that are currently being followed in Los Angeles forbid in-person dining services in the restaurants, both indoors and outdoors. The measure has been adopted to control the numbers of coronavirus patients that have put a significant amount of pressure on local healthcare services. It is reported that there is no ICU and general wards available in the hospitals.

The police department of Beverly Hills stated that they are conscious of the news related to Beverly Hills restaurant and that city’s Code Enforcement Unit was dealing with the issue. La Scala has been in service since 1956. This restaurant of Beverly Hills is famous and renowned for its chopped salad and its celebutante sightings.

Beverly Hills restaurant plans secret NYE party despite COVID closures
Beverly Hills restaurant La Scala slammed by officials for planning NYE party amid COVID

The news of its New Year’s celebration attracted a lot of criticism. People soon flooded the Instagram feed of the restaurant with destructive comments like “Selfish”, “Disgusting”, etc. The public said that they are shocked a dining restaurant would try to do this, seeing that they have a stay at home rule right now. Nobody thinks that it is a good idea. The famous Beverly Hills restaurant has not commented on the backlash yet. Although, its website reports that it was closed on Christmas Day and that it will be closed on New Year’s Eve as well.

The Beverly Hills restaurant attracted the News of the New Year’s celebration as the Governor requests with the citizens not to assemble during the holidays stating that it will only increase the number of coronavirus patients. The officials of Beverly Hills humiliated the La Scala restaurant for promoting such activities that violate pandemic rules.