Biden to help India secure a seat on UNSC!

The 77-year-old former US vice president; Joe Biden is set to be officially proposed by the Democratic Party in August. He will lock horns with the 74-year-old existing President Donald Trump, a Republican in the November 3 presidential elections.

If put to power in the November elections, can facilitate India get a permanent seat on the Security Council, pronounced the former American ambassador to India Richard Verma.

“There’s no question that under his (Biden) leadership, he would help shape international institutions like the UN to give India a (permanent) seat on the Security Council, he would fulfil its (India) status as a major defence partner,” former US Ambassador to India Richard Verma said on Saturday.

The UNSC has fifteen members, together with 5 permanent members the U.S.A., the UK, France, Russia and China and Beijing is solely the permanent member of the UNSC that is against India’s inclusion into the powerful grouping.

Half of the ten non-permanent members are elected once a year for a biennial term. India, at the side of Mexico and Ireland, has been recently elected a non-permanent member for a biennial term beginning Jan one, 2021.

Richard Verma supports Biden!

Verma was joined by Biden Unity Task Force Economic Policy advisor Sonal Shah, former US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and Centre for American Progress Action Fund CEO Neera Tanden in their address to a virtual event.

The Indian-Americans asserted that over the past many decades, Biden contains a incontestable evidenced memoir of being the foremost friend of Indians and Indian-Americans.

“He (Biden) would work together with India to keep our citizens collectively safe. That means standing up against cross-border terrorism and standing with India when its neighbours attempt to change the status quo,” he added.

He further stated at an event ‘An Electorate Coming of Age: Indian Americans for Biden Community Town Hall’ that, “There’s no question president Biden would build a more inclusive, tolerant just and fair administration that would take US-India relations to new heights.”

Furthermore, he urged the Republic of Indian-American community to form Biden’s dream of constructing India and therefore the North American country the 2 closet nations within the world a reality.

Biden to help India secure a seat on UNSC, if he wins the 2020 presidential elections. We hope that this definitely turns out in our favor!

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