Billie Eilish loses 100k Instagram followers after viral challenge posts and calls them ‘Babies’

Billie Eilish and her followers are going through a bad patch. As part of a challenge on Instagram the young star lost apporximately 100k followers after a post she recently updated. Following her participation in the social media viral trend, she offended some of her followers in the process. Billie was one of the latest celebreties to take part in the “Post a Picture Of” Instagram challenge. Following which, fans asked the Grammy-winner to post a picture of her mobile device’s lock screen on Monday. Billie obliged and shared a couple of drawings on her Instagram Story featuring breasts. This didn’t sit well with some of her fans as she started losing followers just within an hour of her update.

Billie Eilish: Response to losing followers

As was evident in her following drop from 73 million to 72.9 million, some fans were quick to point it out. Which eventually led to Billie finding out about the situation. After noticing the change pointed out by some of her fans, Billie reponded by calling them “Babies” along with two skull emojis. The Instagram challenge asked for Billie to share a drawing she was proud of. The star went on to share her phone bacground along with a drawing, both of which included nude woman. Billie added a caption as well that expressed how she loved ‘boobs’. Shortly after the images were posted Billie lost thousands of followers.

Billie isn’t one to stay quiet against nay-sayers. She has been more than outspoken on the subject of body positivity. Following the incident when she was photograped in a tank top, Billie recieved a lot of mixed responses from the public. She was quick to point out how that was her real body underneath the baggy clothes she was judged for.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has seen much drama regarding her image and fashion. But the young star has done well in fighting back all the criticisms. Now working on her next album, we can expect some more hits from singer.

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