Boosie Badazz Launches Rent After Being Banned From Going On Instagram Live.

There is a piece of recent news that Boosie Badazz Launches Rent After Being Banned From Going On Instagram on January sixth a complained has been filed by Baton Rouge Rapper about being blocked his Twitter account. The statement was given by him that Instagram blocked me just I am going to start live on Instagram. The statement was given by Bossie Badazz that he has been banned from going to go live on Instagram.

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The controversies started when Boosie and Instagram when he going to live after Instagram decided that to delete the raper’s Instagram page due to nudity content in Instagram live stories. It has been reported from our sources that his Instagram page was temporarily banned due to going live on Instagram a statement has given by Boosie Badazz that I am on the six-month people with Instagram said by him April two thousand twenty.

In the month of September Boosie revealed that he has been charged by Instagram and Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg due to his business venture foin down so now I have to charge and also file a lawsuit against him.Boosie Badazz Launches Rant After Being Banned From Going on Instagram Live

He also said that they have not put back me on Instagram as this affecting my business and due to this I have to face a lot of loss. Some of the sources given the statement that Bossie has gone to argue that this type of punishment is not affected me. Hope that this situation solves fast. Till then keep update yourself with our article if we get any updates regarding this we will inform you by our articles.

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