Call of duty

Call of Duty : Mobile is a first-person shooter created and manufactured by TiMi Studios and published by Activision for Android and iOS. It was freed globally on the 1st of October, 2019. And in the first month, it had over 148 million downloads and brought about close to US$54 million in profit, which made it the biggest mobile game launch in history.

On the 16th of May, 2019, closed beta experiment was brought in, in India. The test was completed on the 6th of June, 2019. On the 10th of June, another beta test was launched, but here it was completely and particularly only in Australia. 14th June, the iOS beta was freed and the test finished on the 3rd of July.

Call of Duty : Mobile Zombies mode was taken out, on March 25th, 2020 because it was not meeting Activision’s ideal code and guidelines. But, Activision said that they might bring it back in a later update.

Ruled by Tencent’s PUBG MOBILE for more than a year, the new game that has the ability and capacity to test the popularity of PUBG MOBILE. Call of Duty initially was on mobile under the title Call of Duty Mobile. the game brought all the classic gameplay styles and modes from the preceding PC versions of the game and even confronted PUBG MOBILE .

Call of Duty Mobile was ready for use and accesible on all Android and iOS devices for a while in a Closed Beta program. And players who registered earlier were the only ones who got access to the game in this stage.

Call of Duty Mobile also brought PUBG MOBILE’s Battle Royale mode with a twist of its own. Players could fight it out with teams or solo as the last man standing to win the matches. Call of Duty Mobile brought the Call of Duty weapons from the PC versions and mandated players to take battlecraft earnestly. Further, to make the gameplay fun, developers threw in drone attacks and zombies to give teams or players an extra added chance to protect and contend.

Initial problems 

Users were unable to play the game after its initial release, but one fine Tuesday morning the Publisher Activision tweeted that they were working on it and since then many players got past the loading screen.

Not only this, persons and competitors also observed that there was no support for controllers whereas, it was reported later that there was an option for controllers that was being tested prior launch. Here , the Activision had to say that there were Bluetooth controller tests in selected areas and once done, there would be more information on adding support to other regions.

After the small start, call of duty slowly took off and reached the top of the app charts.

A majority of the server issues that annoyed and irritated the game at launch have since been resolved. But jammed servers can still cause inactive and slow performance or limitless load screens. Ways to overcome these

  • Call of Duty Mobile takes up 1 gigabyte of storage space on smartphones. Playing on wifi will assure and guarantee a more constant connection, with a little chance of getting kicked out mid-game
  • To avoid any abrupt and sudden defects or flaws, make sure to have the latest version of IOS or Android.
  • If wifi is not the issue, restarting and rebooting the phone is a good option as it improves performance with demanding apps.
  • Reinstalling the app- This will clear the apps cache and data on the device.

New update and delays

The Season 7 of the game was themed as Radioactive Agent and is wonted to feature new weapon skills, outfit based on the theme. The new update was also expected to bring growth and development to the current battle royale map. With the Season 7 update for Call of Duty Mobile, the developer has also held up Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 update as well.

However, Activision has not yet settled about when they would be preparing to release the update for the game.

PubG vs call of duty

  • Both the games allow their players to take a drop from the plane and gear up before the head to the battlefield. The goal is somewhat alike, that is the last one to be standing.
  • Call of duty isn’t as smooth and Pubg in the 3rd person mode.
  • Both games have pretty similar connections in-game. But Call of Duty Mobile has different infrequency levels, more alike to Fortnite.
  • The maps of PUBG Mobile are unique, refreshing, and large enough. Call of Duty Mobile, on the other hand, has only one map in the Battle Royale mode.
  • COD’s Battle Royale mode, which lasts for about 20 minutes, makes it a fast-paced game. Whereas in Pubg the game can last upwards of 40mins or longer.

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