Capcom’s Resident Evil Village has a Big Vampire Lady And fans Love her

Resident Evil Vampire lady :

Resident Evil Vampire lady Is an instant Hit since spotted. A snippet of the Game is Revealed and Twitter is already loving her. Before the Game reveal, Revealing this Tall vampire lady is some smart marketing move we can say.
This Game enthusiast is just couldn’t stop talking about her. And who wouldn’t when we are getting this stylish vampire to chase us. We have to look out for other characters. There are Numerous memes present on Twitter. But the thing is this lady is just looking so real that they just can’t stop talking about her.

The official Game reveals the date for Resident Evil is 21st January 2021. This game is one of the most waited game for now. Upcoming Game will be the 10th installment to this series. Known as Resident Evil 8: Biohazard.

It will available on Ps5, Xbox series X/s and windows.

Vampire lady’s Appearance:

resident evil vampire lady
resident evil vampire lady is all set to chase you with her charm, and evil grin.

she seems to be like one of the stylish vampires. However, they are not new to us. But Her big hat 9-Feet tall Figure and her killer looks says it all. All we can say is beware of this lady! While playing your game. In the brief reveal, she seems like the main antagonist in the game. However, more character reveal is due for 21st. But let’s see we will get a stronger character than her or not.

Resident evil vampire lady’s smile is more dangerous than her, we can’t help but swoon over her. Is it bad to like an antagonist?  We can’t really answer that see it yourself in these photos and decide.

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  • Resident Evil is the 10th edition coming up this year.
  • This will be called as Vlll as in Resident Evil 8
  • Vampire lady is already winning hearts with her realistic looks.
  • she seems to be very stylish in her big hat and smile.
  • And said to be 9 feet tall.
  • The official Game reveal is on 21st January 2021.

Till then watch the official Gameplay trailer of Resident Evil 8 Here! And tell us do you like Resident evil vampire lady?