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A cartoon is a sort of delineation, here and there energized, ordinarily in a non-sensible or semi-reasonable style. The particular importance has advanced after some time, however the cutting edge use ordinarily alludes to either: a picture or arrangement of pictures expected for parody, exaggeration, or humor; or a film that depends on a succession of representations for its movement. Somebody who makes kid’s shows in the primary sense is known as a sketch artist, and in the second sense they are typically called an animator.


I still remember our childhood days, where always i used to watch variety of cartoons. Specially among all the channels, Cartoon Network was my favorite. The main reason behind these wonderful childhood memories were cartoons. I still remember, without cartoons I dont use to eat also. There were many cartoons which were personally my favorite like Pokemon, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Scooby-doo, Tom And Jerry, etc.

As we grew from childhood to adulthood, our way of thinking also changes. Like now, if I see cartoons, I won’t be interested that much. This is because now we are grown up and our childhood phase is over. Now we are matured enough to watch other things from cartoons. The quality of cartoon which I used to see before and the ones coming now are completely different. In the next part, I would be mentioning clearing about the difference which have been arrived in cartoon industry.

Old Cartoons Vs New Cartoons

  • The first point which comes on my mind is the quality of sound. Earlier cartoons like Tom And Jerry, had very little background sound. Cartoons in 2000’s like Spongebob has completely different scenario due to advancement of sound technology.
  • This point is quite controversial. I feel earlier cartoons had more meaningful message and it taught us something in some or the other way. Cartoons like Spongebob, I dont think there was any knowledgeable content.
  • Earlier cartoons were more dealing with real life issues, helping us to tackle with those situations in our life. New cartoons were only a bunch of actions and animations due to increase in technology without having any meaningful message.
  • An very important point would be advancement in animation technology. Earlier there were less mediums of animations, but now the scenario is completely opposite. Majority of today’s audience attracts more on having bright colors and unique animations, so that comes under favor of new cartoons.
  • Also earlier cartoons were much of decent characters, less aggressive and more smart actions as compared to new cartoons. Today’s cartoons are more like actions, thriller, haunted, etc, no pleasant atmosphere at all.

Cartoon Network Transformation

  • On October 1, 1992, Cartoon Network propelled to the finale of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture with a background of animation blasts, trailed by an extraordinary occasion called Droopy’s Guide to the Cartoon Network facilitated by the MGM animation character Droopy, during which the principal animation on the system, Rhapsody Rabbit, was appeared.
  • At first, the channel would communicate kid’s shows 24 hours every day. A large portion of the short kid’s shows were publicized into equal parts hour or hour-long bundles, normally isolated by character or studio – Down Wit’ Droopy D broadcast old Droopy Dog shorts, The Tom and Jerry Show introduced the great feline and-mouse group, and Bugs and Daffy Tonight gave exemplary Looney Tunes shorts.
  • The system’s first selective unique show was The Moxy Show, a movement compilation arrangement first airing in 1993.[15] The primary arrangement delivered via Cartoon Network was Space Ghost Coast to Coast in 1994.
  • Dexter’s Laboratory was the most mainstream short arrangement as per a vote held in 1995 and in the long run turned into the primary side project of What a Cartoon! in 1996.
  • One new unique arrangement debuted in 2000: Sheep in the Big City. On April 1, Cartoon Network propelled a computerized link and satellite station known as Boomerang, which was spun off from one of their programming obstructs that included retro vivified arrangement and shorts.

There are some comparisons between the cartoons that can be done for better understanding the differences. Some of them are:

Scooby Doo Vs Ben 10

Ben 10 famous cartoonFamous scooby doo cartoon

Both shows are completely unique and loved by majority of the people. Scooby Doo is a much earlier show & Ben 10 is a much newer show. According to me, comparing these both shows, Scooby Doo would be the cartoon which I would prefer watching.

  •  Scooby Doo cartoon consists of full mystery and a really smart dog who helps in solving everything. While in ben 10, a character can change into 10 different forms to fight against the goons or some villians.
  • The level of imagination increases while watching scooby doo as we get to learn so many new things while in ben 10 its only about changing form and fighting with villians.
  • There are wide variety of characters in scooby doo which allows our mind to deviate our attention equally. In ben 10, there is only one character, so chances are there that we can get bored quite early.

The Amazing World of Gumball Vs Teen Titans

gumballTeen titans

Probably Teen Titans wasan earlier cartoon & The Amazing World of Gumball was quite newer if compared. According to me, Teen Titans would the cartoon which I would prefer watching.

  • Gumball consists of quite common characters in which a guy named gumball, frequently gets into trouble and then then overcomes it. The cartoon depicts that he does not learn from the mistakes and continues doing the same. While in Teen Titans, a bunch of Superheroes fight for a good cause and create a great effect on our minds.
  • Also animations in Teen Titans are much more interactive visually than Amazing World of Gumball. This attracts the viewers and they find it fascinating enough to view such brilliant cinematography.


Steven Universe Vs Adventure Time

Adventure timesteven universe

This show is considered one of the best shows in the earlier times, increasing our knowledge as well as way of thinking. I personally admire this show a lot and also helped me to learn lot of aspects.

This show,a quite similar concept like Adventure Time is considered one of the best shows in newer times. This show also contains many unusual things which lets you learn deep aspects and helps us to learn how to deal with all the situations. Though the final episode of Steven Universe was released on 21st January 2019, still a lot can be expected in the coming future.

According to me, Adventure Time is my preferred cartoon. Main Reasons are:
  • Main benefit of Adventure Time is Non-Linear Storytelling as compared to Steven Universe.
  • The level of animation which you see in adventure time is much higher than the one in steven universe.
  • The high concepts involved in adventure time are much more watchable as compared to steven universe.
  • The collection of themes & level of jokes which adventure time consists, can’t be compared to any other cartoon shows.

According to my analysis, I feel the cartoons which were watched during earlier times were much more unique in terms of overall development of our thinking capability, involving less amount of aggressive actions and doing more of smart actions.

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