Cells At Work Season 2 Announced for January 2021

Will there be a season 2 of Cells at Work?

In 2018, the anime hit series Cells at Work gave everyone a good laugh. The anime based around a Akane Shimizu manga with cells as characters reached massive popularity almost overnight. The characters keeping the body alive as White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells, and others were off-the-wall, yet endearing characters. Recently, Aniplex released another trailer for the next installment of this adored anime series: Cells At Work! Cells At work Season 2.

With the return of Cells At Work Season 2 we also welcome all the original characters. Everyone from the adorable Platelets to the White Blood Cells will make a return. Our main Red Blood Cell protagonist will also center the stage again, not as a rookie any longer, but as a more experienced veteran. However, this won’t stop her from getting lost along the way. 

Our favorite characters from season one will be coming back in Cells At Work season two.
Our favorite characters from season one will be coming back in Cells At Work season two.

In this season, the human body is under attack by new threats, such as the dengue virus, helicobacter pylori and even acne. Fans have always wondered who the body is that we are viewing this show inside. This body having a case of acne may suggest that in this season, we are dealing with a teenager, and in the previous season, we dealt with a child’s body.

Fan made rumors aside, as usual, the cells are on guard and ready to keep the body healthy no matter what. Unfortunately, while the studio initially planned to release the anime this year, the date has been pushed back to January 2021. You can view the announcement if you wish, below on this Twitter post:

Fans have noticed quite the timing, in January of 2020, COVID-19 was at a height in the world. Release only realistically some months away, fans are excited to watch the next installment of their favorite red blood cell in Cells at Work Season 2.

Additionally, a film directed by Hirofumi Ogura will be released sometime this September. The original voices will also be making a return with Kana Hanazawa playing Red Blood Cell. Tomoaki Maeno plays as White Blood Cell and Daisuke Ono as Killer T Cell. Kikuko Inoue will return as Macrophage and Maria Naganawa will return as Platelet.

As for the English voice actors, Cherami Leigh will play the part as Red Blood Cell. Billy Karmetez will act as White Blood Cell, and Robbie Daymond as Killer T Cell. Laura Post will return as Macrophage and Xanthe Huynh as Platelet.

Is Cells at Work a romance? Will we see one in Cells at Work Season 2?

Some find the idea of a Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell potential relationship quite silly.
Some find the idea of a Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell potential relationship quite silly.

While the setup for a relationship constantly presents itself, the writers have consistently failed to deliver. White Blood Cell not only helps Red Blood Cell quite often, but helps her in a personal manner too. He tries secretly helping her when she gets lost for an entire episode. However. while all these pointers do exist, there has been no action due to them. For all of the thirteen episodes we have had, there has been no attention drawn to explicitly a romance. However, fans estimate the relashionship may just be taking a long time to develop, so that fans can be hooked. It’s safe to say that Cells at Work, and Cells at Work 2, will remain not a romance. 

Is Cells at Work accurate?

One of the major reasons Cells At Work ever became popular in recent years is due to just how accurate it really is. Dr. Satoru Otsuka, a postdoctoral fellow in the molecular nero-oncology department of a university in Georgia recently praised Cells at Work on his twitter, during the series’ seventh episode.

In episode 7, the cells of the show fight off a cancer cell. Otsuka praised the depictions of the body’s immune system defenses against the cancer of the show. He noted that this depiction was “very accurate.” The body does indeed fight off cancer cells every single day. While cancer is usually destroyed in its early life, the risk increases as the body become older. It is then that the body’s immune system becomes overwhelmed, and cancer spreads beyond the early stages depicted in episode seven.

Additionally, Otsuka praised the series for the particular depiction of weight loss as a symptom of cancer in the episode. To someone like him who studies this for a living, weight loss was a very subtle nod to the actual condition of cancer. While weight loss isn’t an absolute symptom in every cancer patient, it is still a possible symptom.

To see a more in-depth look at the tweets and what Dr. Otsuka thought of the show, visit this article: Scientists Praise ‘Cells at Work!’ For its Entertaining Accuracy

Is Cells at Work on Netflix?

Cells at Work is currently on Netflix as of today. It was placed on the site in 2018 and is still going strong and available to viewers with a Netflix subscription. It is also available to watch on Crunchyroll and other popular streaming sites. Many fans are eager to see Cells at Work season 2 premiere on Netflix this coming January.

Is Cells at Work educational?

Cells at Work's adorable Platelets.
Cells at Work’s adorable Platelets.

Cells at Work is a great gateway into the medical world. Many doctors and peers of the medical world have noted both the accuracy and the clarity of description in Cells at Work’s episodes. While it may not be as accurate or direct as reading a medical textbook, it does stand to create some memory that a child or teenager may remember for long into the future. Hopefully these traits continue to live on in Cells at Work season 2.

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