Cheer Camp Killer’ Lifetime Channel Movie Premiere: Cast, Trailer, Synopsis

The much-awaited Cheer Camp Killer is all set to make its debut on October 8; 8 pm; on the Lifetime Channel. 

Cheer Camp Killer’ Lifetime Channel Movie Premiere
Cheer Camp Killer’ Lifetime Channel Movie Premiere

Lifetime is coming up with six new and interesting movie this Halloween. All the six movies will revolve around the negative and vicious angle of cheerleading; namely, ‘Dying to Be a Cheerleader’; ‘Cheer Squad Secrets’; ‘Cheerleader Abduction’; ‘The Wrong Cheerleader Coach’ and  ‘Who is Killing the Cheerleaders?’

The Cheer Camp Killer will highlight the negative and vicious side of cheerleading. Furthermore, according to the reports, some indecent acts are believed to be performed by notorious characters.

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As mentioned on the official website of the Lifetime Channel; the summary of the plot read, “When Sophia and her closest friend Charlotte were in a popular cheer camp, she’s thrilled at the chance to display off her talent. Camp queen bee Victoria doesn’t take her attention kindly to a novice like Sophia, so she launches a risky scheme to get her competitor out of the way.”

With Andrea Bogart; Mariah Robinson; Sydney Malakeh; Philip McElroy; Jacqueline Scislowski and Jennifer Marshall insignificant and major character roles; the show will definitely have a great cast to support such a stellar script.

The movie; Cheer Camp Killer; is directed by Randy Carter. Carter is a very popular director; and famously known for his work in ‘Super Shark’ (2011); ‘Glass Trap’ (2005)’; ‘Collision Course (2012)’; among many others. Furthermore, Carter has made enormous contributions in the field of directing films and cinematography.

Although the trailer for the movie has not been released yet; the fans eagerly awaiting its release have created a hype around it that is hard to ignore.

Moreover, the Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide; popularly known as the MEAWW; will soon update the fans with details about the release date and other information.

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