Chrome Adding Touch to Fill For Android


Chrome Adding Touch to Fill For Android

Chrome Adding Touch to Fill For Android

Chrome is the name of a web browser developed by Google, which appeals to many users as it combines a minimalist design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer and easier to browse. Google Chrome was first released for Windows in September 2008 and later ported to Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.

One can very easily fill the forms automatically in support with the chrome, along with the saved information, like – phone no., addresses or payment information. When one is entering the information online, Chrome will ask the user, if would like to save it. Touch the displayed info, if it is OK.

The best part is Chrome never shares the person’s info without permission.

The chrome web browser acts as an excellent data bank. One can also personalize and save addresses, passwords, preferences, and payment methods. This will make easy access and eliminates extra efforts during form filling.

Once it is enabled, the next time on logging the saved information will reflect on the screen. One can fill promptly by just touching on the drop-down info, Instead of using the keyboard.

Steps to Follow: Chrome Adding Touch to Fill For Android

  • One has to Go to “chrome: // flags” in Chrome on the smartphone. Then, search for “Touch to fill”.
  • One has to activate the flag on the phone.
  • Then, restart Google Chrome.

With this installed feature on the smartphone, one can enable Chrome for “Touch to Fill” option.  This will quickly fill the saved passwords. Evidently, this will only work on websites for which one has saved login details. In addition to it, if one doesn’t want to use this feature, then can swipe down and fill it manually.

Moreover, this feature works only with Chrome Beta users. Still, it is not clear when it will arrive on the stable version of Chrome. But the users will come to know soon whenever it arrives. Until then, one can use the Chrome flag to fill their details.

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