Comedian Park Ji-sun: Family Requested For Not Conducting Autopsy

Comedian Park Ji-sun Is No More

The most talented Korean comedian Park Ji-sun is no more. It is suspected that the comedian commits suicide on 2nd October. The lying body of Park with her mother found in their resident Seoul’s Mapo district.

Her father called the police as he was unable to contact both of them and later found them dead in their apartment. According to the report comedian Park Ji-sun was suffering from a rare skin disease and was under treatment.

She was leaving with her mother in Seoul’s apartment. The police also recovered a note from the apartment. The note is suspected to be written by her mother and she wrote she can’t see her daughter suffer alone.

Family Requested For Not To Perform Autopsy

So there is an avid possibility of the suicide of the mother-daughter duo. Their body was taken by the police but the family requested not to perform an autopsy. Police decided to respect their emotion and not to conduct the autopsy.

Police though will investigate comedian Park Ji-sun sudden death. It is a hard time for the family, friends and also for the huge fans of Park. Many show their grief through social media and their utter shock at the comedian’s sudden demise.

Ewha Woman’s University Mokdong Hospital in Seoul set a memorial to alter in respect of both Park and her mother.

A versatile Comedian

Born and brought up in Incheon, Seoul, comedian Park Ji-sun was a versatile comedian. And won the best new comedian on her first comedy show. Later she won several awards for the fresh and crisp comedy performances.

Comedian Park Ji-sun
Park with other K-pop stars

She also many K-pop shows and was very much well known to the industry. The entire industry is in utter shock in her untimely demise and shared the grief in their social media profiles.

The investigation will go forward and police soon get the deep of the case. No marks of external attacks have been found in their body. Neither any marks of outsider entry found in the room.

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