Cyber Monday deals on Go surface laptop takes $150 off! : A STEAL DEAL

Cyber Monday deals are in conscientious at just about every dealer in the market in this current week.

Right now the discount on the Surface Laptop Go is of $101 and buyers could buy it for $799.99. Without Cyber Monday, this laptop normally retails for $899.9 . This is the highest amount of discount one could get on this laptops and discount bars have never gone this high.

Here, we tell you about all things you need to know about this mega deal!

The most reviews for Surface Laptop Go talked about its features like style, superior design, class-leading keyboard, and smart display by the Cyber Monday Deals .

When it comes to the laptop’s real life feature the device consist of a display of 12.45 inches, 1536 X 1024 (148 PPI), have a touchscreen feature, 3:2 aspect ratio, consist the RAM of 8 Gb. It has Intel core i-5 processor, a huge storage capacity of 256gb. WI-FI 6 and Bluetooth in terms of wireless feature.

surface laptop go

The laptop is also preferred by professionals saying  “it consist of  extravagant traits like the compact and light weight. It could be easy for carrying around the device” and so many more explained above. The Surface Laptop Go was also compared with  Acer Aspire 5, which only provides double the RAM in the same price. Also, the top model with 256gb is cheaper, if one desires to buy on Cyber Monday Deals .

The Surface Laptop Go is available in market in the three models. The price and the features of the laptop varies with the models. The base model is available for $549 and goes up to the price of $899.9 which is available on Cyber Monday Deals on amazon.


With all these amazing features their are some drawbacks one might face while buying. The laptop comes with no backslit keyboard, which is a common feature in laptops lying under this price range. The resolution of the screen is  low which isn’t the most desirable. There is limited port selection and also the high price stakes of laptop.

Laptops like this are a real steal deal in Cyber Monday Deals.

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