Dave Chapelle SNL, Mark 3rd November For New SNL Episode!

Dave To Host SNL

Dave Chapelle is all set to host the rocking Saturday Night Live on 3rd November. The episode with Dave Chapelle SNL is extra special because the episode is the first after the US presidential election.

The US is going to have its Presidential election 2020 on November 3. And it is the biggest affair this year as the new president is going to be elected for another five years.

This time former president Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the running candidates for the President post. The election fight already is on a talk for several disputes between the candidates.

Post Presidential Election, Dave Chapelle SNL

And thus Dave Chapelle SNL has grabbing immense attention to how the super comedy night is going to portray the rule of these candidates in the election. SNL for many days featuring Donald and Joe in their episodes and are doing a tremendous job.

And the comedian Dave Chapelle making it more interesting by his gracious presence. The extremely talented comedian also hosted the SNL episode back in 2016 after the presidential election of that time, when Trump becomes the American president.

Dave Chapelle SNL episode that time got a huge response and Dave won the best guest comedian in Ammy Award. He opened the episode with his outstanding solo performance. And this time also expectation is high from the comedian.

The Unique SNL Plot

Saturday Day Night Live is a tremendous stage comedy show featuring in NCB for years with their unique plot. The comedy show is hugely successful and popular due the real-time comedy and humor.

Dave Chapelle SNL
Dave On Ammy

This year in spite of COVID the show is doing really great and already had some tremendous episodes by different comedians and musical guests. SNL features Trump-Biden debate also grabs a lot of attention because of the immense comedy presentation.

Dave Chapelle SNL though has not confirmed the musical guest yet but is going to have some amazing performer for the special episode. Hook up for SNL on 3rd November on NCB.

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