Daylight Savings Blues: 9 Ways to Get The Most Of the Extra Hour.

Daylight Savings Blues:

Daylight Savings Blues: 9 Ways to Get The Most Of the Extra Hour.  It’s true because the sunset is early, everyone gets an extra hour in 2020 from November 1. Instead of being anxious because of the pandemic, you can catch up with activities you didn’t have time for.

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9 ways to wash away the blues:

You can do many activities with this free time such as exercise, meditate, cook, clean, do embroidery, read new books, watch TV shows or movies,  face time with friends. If the president has an extra hour, so do you. Gaining maximum from the available time is the key. All this can be done for washing away the Daylight Savings Blues.

Exercise and meditate:

By now everyone knows the benefits of exercise. You can avoid a number of diseases such as heart issues, diabetes, liver diseases, obesity, etc with exercise.  Even a simple 45-minute walk or jog helps. Exercise releases endorphins, the happy hormone. Meditation on the other hand helps to de-stress. Stress in any form also affects your health.

Cook  and Clean :

One can cook as a family. Household chores are boring but when the whole family is involved, including children, it can be fun. Clean and deep clean your house not only because of  Corona but also because of its festive times ahead.

 Embroidery, knit, stitch:

After being chefs for a while let’s be fashion designers now. Take out the rotting sewing machine from your cupboard, clean it oil it and you are ready for creations in fabric. Embroider your patches for torn clothes, knit or learn to knit, etc. The time will fly by you.

 Read new books, watch TV and movies:

The list of books, you had in mind, could be educational or recreational, read it.  Catch up with your favourite TV shows or latest movies.

Last but not the least, Face time:

It’s been a long time since you have seen your friends. Video-call them, it’s also festival time. celebrate virtually. Dress up for it and enjoy it.

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