Do You Know How many time Sunday has spoiled New Year Eve in past 20 Years

Happy New to all! you are here to know how many times Sunday occurred in New Year i.e. January 1 of every year, as Sunday is treated as a weekend. If the new year occurs on Sunday, you have to rest directly on Monday without any New Year party rest. so without wasting your time let me first introduce you to the years in which New Year occurred on Sundays in the Past 20 Years and after that will give you some interesting facts about Sunday Week Day.

Sunday occurred 4 times in past 20 years 

1. January 2006 (United States) calender says that in the year 2006 also Sunday occurred on New Year and one thing amazing that 85% of employees were absent according to News Data, the data was amazing for the year 2006 and also that was so viral in news.

2.  January 2012 (United States) calender says that in the year 2012 due to the Sunday of the New Year i.e January 2, 2012. Reporters in the United State mentioned in the news that around 12% of people around the United States were kicked out of their companies and most of them left of their own will that data was very big and the news was on the trend at that time.

3. January 2017 (United States) calender says Sunday again on New year, But for this year there was no news as now the rules were strict and every company across the United States was said to strictly follow January 2nd as Holiday as ‘New Year’s Day day off.

4. January 2023 (United States) this is the present day and we are enjoying so hope you are enjoying your new year news will be updated soon about this new year.

Interesting facts about Sunday!

There are many interesting facts about Sunday! Here are a few:

  • Sunday is the seventh day of the week in most Western countries and is considered a day of rest.
  • The word “Sunday” comes from the Old English “Sunnandæg,” which means “Sun’s day.”
  • Sunday is associated with the Sun in many cultures and is considered a day of worship in many religions.
  • Sundays are a popular day for sporting events and leisure activities, such as going to the beach or spending time with family and friends.
  • Sunday is also a popular day for shopping, as many stores are open for extended hours.

Some people believe that Sunday is the luckiest day of the week, and many people consider it to be a day of rest and relaxation.



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