Does Amazon Even Care About Whole Foods Anymore? Is the wholesome foods also one of them?

It has been months since the advent of Corona Virus, many firms have perished. Is the wholesome foods also one of them?

Tough Year

Wholesome foods, a grocer owned by Inc. is experiencing a sharp decline in its markets. even though the total sales have been increases however, they don’t match the standards of other grocery chains. This has been a surprise to many as Wholesome foods was way ahead of its competitors. Its customer base is filled with customers who are able to work from home and who also have not suffered any major loss in income. Wholesome foods was acquired in 2017 for $13.7 billion dollars.

However, the pandemic is favoring only certain food shopping destinations i.e. general merchandise stores. These are:

  • Walmart inc.
  • Trader’s Joe’s
  • Target Corp

There are indications that Whole Foods is not the main focus of Amazon. Amazon is currently interested in grabbing a greater share of the grocery market. However, it has not consolidated its efforts on Whole Foods. Amazon is not able to make many transformational changes in Wholefoods.

The Fresh Store

Fresh store’s debut has set off many alarm bells. The small price cuts at Whole Foods suggested that Amazon was trying to erase Wholesome food’s concept and make the chain appeal further to a wider range of consumers. Amazon’s new Amazon Fresh concept seems like a concession that Amazon is not going to be able to turn Whole Foods into everyday’ s grocer. There were so many vehicles for grocery experimentation that it seems that Whole Foods is becoming an afterthought for Amazon.

When the deal was announced, it was very hard to think that lack of attention would be the main reason for this merger. This merger was then treated ground shaking news for  Borders bookstores or Circuit City

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