Among Us Mod APK Hack Menu [Always Imposter, All Unlocked, The Airship! Map] v2021.6.30 (100% working)

Among Us MOD Apk Hack Menu(All Unlocked) android/iOS hack :

Download Among Us Hack Mod Menu Apk Latest version July 15, 2021 UpdateA Space-themed game of betrayal and teamwork that can be very well enjoyed with your family and friends. Hence, anyone who’s very well at lying will be as good at playing this game. However, Among Us is all about preparing your spaceship for departure. Along with that, beware of Imposters bent on killing Everyone and using sabotage to create chaos.

In the recent update of the 12th of April, we found New Maps named The Airship! and some issues with the game. The game was not found on entering the game code and at some places shadow was broken. But in a recent update, Among Us Mod Apk has been entirely fixed by AwareEarth, just go, download and play.

But now in this 10th of march update, the life of the imposter is increased. Along with that, the life span of the crew members is also increased. As a result, the game duration is also increased which is one of the biggest improvements in the game for the lovers of the Among Us.

MOD APK name Download Among Us MOD APK Hack Menu(Always Imposter)
Game Version 2021.6.30
APK / iOS Size 155 MB


– Account login flow significantly reworked
– Multiple users can now log in to the same device
– Text graphical update
– Updated translations
– Various bug fixes
Updated on june 30, 2021
Price $ 0
Android Android 4.4 +
MOD APK Features
  • Account Linking with Google is Fixed
  • The Airship! Map Hack
  • Always Imposter
  • Game Duration Increased
  • No Ban
  • Visible Ghost
  • Complete All Tasks
  • No Kill Cool Down
  • Speed Hack
  • Mod Money
  • Unlimited Emergency Meetings

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Among Us Mod Apk Additional Information:

This game has very less graphics requirements as compared to present-day games. Secondly, and most importantly, about 100 000 000+ users in The United States of America, The United Kingdom, the Philippines, Brazil, India, and many more countries downloaded and installed the

game and Enjoying it. So, there are two ways of winning this game –

  1. Complete All Tasks  
  2. Find Imposter and vote him off the ship.

And, our Among Us Mod Menu Hack APK will help you in both of these objectives. So, Download the Latest Among Us Mod Apk Menu Hack and Enjoy the Gameplay with your crewmates

There are overall four maps in which you can play the Game –

  • The Skeld Map
  • Mira HQ
  • Polus Map
  • The Airship Map

Among Us Mod Apk – Menu Hack Features

Always Imposter

According to gamers real pleasure of Among Us Game comes while playing as an Imposter. So, with our mod menu hack of Among Us game Apk you can enable the Always Imposter feature.

AutoComplete Tasks

Enable the AutoComplete Task menu to accomplish all tasks very fast and thus, win the game.

Visible Ghosts and chats

In Among Us Game while we are alive we can’t see the crewmates who died and playing as ghosts. We can only see them when we become a ghost, which means when we die. But with our mod menu hack of among us, ghosts and all chats will be visible to you.

Discover Imposter

Find the imposter by enabling know imposter mode. Further, vote him off the ship and win the game.

No Ban

Most of the Among Us Mod APK hacks available on various websites get banned in 2 or 3 days. On the other hand, our hack won’t get banned ever and no one can ban you from joining the lobby also.

Disable Kill Cool Down Time

Likewise, The most irritating part of this game is that after killing one player you move in a cooldown time where you can’t kill the next player. However, in this Among Us Mod Apk Hack Menu there’s No-Kill Cool Down Time.

Wall Hack

This feature will let you see through any object or wall. So that you may observe opponents’ position and move.

Unlimited Emergency Meetings

You may call infinite emergency meetings to mark out the imposter and prepare your spacecraft for departure.

Instant Kill

Don’t let your crewmates know that you are an imposter. Kill them with blazing fast speed.

Skins, Pets, Hats All Unlocked

By downloading our Mod Apk, get unlimited money. So, You can choose any skin, unlock all pets and hats.

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There are adds to different roles in Among Us MOD explained below


The first role is going to be the Assassin and his job is going to be to kill all crewmates and all imposters. If he’s The Last One Alive he wins and his role is a little bit special because since there’s only one assassin, he has to kill the imposters and the crewmate without being voted out. He is able to do stuff like-

Freeze cameras- He could freeze the camera while people were standing in front of it and kill in front of it and then the person would just see a blank screen.


The second role is going to be something different to it could be called The Changeling and that role is going to be able to switch to any role in the first round but as per rules, whoever they selected so if they selected the crewmate they become crewmate, they have to select an imposter to become an imposter. They swap roles with them. But then the person who has a changeling’s role gets the person that they gave it to it, now be a crewmate.


The next role is pretty obvious. This one has been popular and used in many mods, The Jester and they’re up to their objective that would just be to win by getting voted out. They get killed just like anyone else, they just die as if nothing happens, but if they get voted out that they win the entire game. There’s still going to be an imposter in this game.

But someone is also now going to be the jester. The Jester’s role is to try and get themselves voted out if they can do that successfully they win the game literally they win by dying. Now the Imposter is also going to be hanging around trying to kill everyone to win the game that way so this is going to make it very difficult.


Among Us, mods have added a new role the doctor. This doctor is on the crewmate’s side and is able to revive any dead bodies around the map. It doesn’t matter how old the body is as long as you are a doctor and you find a dead body you can revive it and of course, you got to be close to it. The only twist we have on this game mod is that if you die and then you get revived you’re not allowed to say who the imposter is.

Unless you witness him eliminating another player in front of you

Also, I don’t think they would ever add this many roles or have it be like you could use that many roles in like one match. If they were ever to add like many roles like that, they should do something for The Imposter too, as it’s becoming harder and harder for the imposter to win.

How to Download and Install Among Us Mod APK on Android –

  • First of all, uninstall any previously installed Among Us Application from your android / iOS device.
  • Now, Download Among Us Mod APK / iOS v2021.6.16 Hack from the download link provided at last of this post.
  • Further, install the downloaded Apk – iOS of Among Us Mod Menu Hack v2021.6.16
  • If prompts then Allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Now Enjoy the latest v2021 of Among Us Mod Menu Hack.

People Also Ask about Among Us Mod Apk Hack Menu –

Q.1 What is Among Us Mod Menu?

Ans. Among Us, Mod Menu is a list of hack features which players can use to win the game. Also, your crewmates will be surprised by your incomparable Gameplay.

Q.2 Why Among Us so Popular?

Ans. Among Us gained popularity due to its easy gameplay and cool graphics. People during the Covid-19 lockdown enjoyed it a lot with their family and friends.

Q.3 Is it safe to download and install Among Us Mod Apk 2021.6.16?

Ans. Yes, it is totally safe to download Among Us Mod Menu APK Hack from Aware Earth.

Q.4 Is Among Us Free?

Ans. Yes Among Us is free but there are some features that cost around the US $1 – $5. But with our Among Us Mod Apk Menu Apk hack you will get all skins, hats, and pets unlocked for free.

Q.5 How do I change my name in Among Us?

Ans. You can change your name just follow the below steps

  • Firstly, Go online and start a game.
  • Then, Above the Host option, there will be a name box.
  • Here, you can choose any name of your preference.

Q.6 How to download Among us all time Imposter mod apk?

Among Us Always Imposter mode is given in our Hack Menu of AMONG US MOD APK v 2021.6.16

among us mod menu apk

Among Us MOD APK (Hack Menu) Download Links :

Download: Among Us MOD APK Hack Menu v2021

Download: Among Us MOD Menu APK v 2021.4.12


Among Us, Hack MOD Menu APK v2021.6.30 is like a mind freshener game that you can enjoy in your spare time. Also, enjoy various hack features to surprise your crewmates and get assured victory. Moreover, during lockdown when you are bored! it would be a nice companion to spent quality time. Subsequently, the United States of America(USA), United Kingdom(UK), Philippines, Brazil, and India have maximum downloads and popularity for Among Us Hack. At last, keep visiting Aware Earth for the Latest 2021 features and updates of this game.