Dr. Stone Season 2 Release Date FINALLY ANNOUNCED!!!

Dr. Stone is considered one of the best anime to ever grace the screen. So much so that Dr Stone Season 2 has been confirmed.

With clashes between science and force, the show is constantly shifting from a smooth to an intense tone.

However, Dr. Stone is not that well-known because of its very recent release of the first season. So, for some, that might beg the question…

What Is Dr. Stone?

Dr. Stone is an adaptation of the manga series, Dr Stone. The first season aired on Tokyo MX. It lasted from July 5th to December 13th, 2019.

The manga was written by Riichiro Inagaki. Two years later Shinya Iino became director of the anime. Yuichiro Kido became scriptwriter, and Yuko Iwasa became the character designer, as well.

A blinding wave of light consumes the Earth, and turning every human being, and some birds, to stone. Every single person in the world instantly become statues!

3700 years later, Taiju breaks free from his stone captivity. However, he finds a world overcome by the wilderness and nature.

Taiju finds Senku Ishigami, his friend and main character of the story. Senku has been free of his rock casing for half a year.

Together, with the combination of brains and brawn, Senku and Taiju create a formula that frees the people from their statues.

However, as people start to become unpetrified, there’s a rising question that will divide all of humanity.

Who should be chosen to be freed: the intelligent, or the strong? This creates a rift in civilization.

Villages start to form, people start choosing sides, bonds are formed and broken.

This show is about the clash between brains and brawn, science and might, smarts and strength.

Dr. Stone

How Does Dr. Stone End?

Before you watch the beginning of Dr Stone Season 2, you must know the ending to Season 1.

You should watch at least a majority of Dr Stone Season 1 before reading the explained ending. It will confuse you.

The Ishigami village has been working persistently to create a phone for communication. After finally constructing the phone, Senku mistakenly forgets to create a second phone for complete functionality.

Senku, with the help of Ruri, Byakuya, and the other villagers, finally are able to achieve what they wanted…

They were finally able to hear the astronauts speaking in a glass record for the first time!

The first clue as to what happened before the blinding green light left the entire world population petrified. They also discovered a song from Lillian. This song inspired the Ishigami village to pursue another endeavor:

To recreate the entertainment of the modern world!

It would be a lofty success if achieved, but it might not happen…

As the Ishigami village begins undertake these technological advances, they’re also preparing for an attack. Senku declared war against Tsukasa.

Tsukasa is a mighty warrior. Senku and Taiju unpetrified him when they were in danger and backed into a corner. Tsukasa Shishio wishes to thin out the world population and create a new civilization without any modern technology.

It’s the clash between Senku and Tsukasa; science vs. might.

Who will prevail, and who will be defeated? You’ll find out on the premiere of Dr. Stone Season 2.

Dr. Stone Season 2

Why Is Dr. Stone Popular?

Despite Dr. Stone’s very recent airing, the show has gained rapid popularity. Its unprecedented storyline has attracted a unique and solid fanbase.

But what exactly are the certain elements that make Dr. Stone so captivating?

Post-Apocalyptic Setting and its Role in Dr Stone Season 2

There are many instances where a series set in a post-apocalyptic world became very popular. A very famous example would be The Hunger Games.

You’re dropped into a world that used to be yours, but civilization has collapsed into chaos. Now, it’s up to a small group of people to inspire hope and bring the planet back to normal. Or maybe take advantage of the clean slate and create a better world to live in.

It’s like the element of sci-fi. It’s real enough that it draws people in, but has enough leeway and creativity to spark imagination among its viewers. There’s a good chance it won’t happen, but convinces fans to believe there’s a possibility.

The promise of a better future may or may not be fulfilled in Dr Stone Season 2. You’ll have to wait and see.

Beautiful Environment

The first thing viewers notice when the blinding green light sweeps the planet, besides the human statues, is the scenery.

After thousands of years, Mother Nature has overtaken most of the cities and houses. Though the towns might seem desolate, the surrounding greenery creates a somewhat tranquil setting.

The nature and beautiful landscape just drop viewers into the story.

Its Use of Science

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone uses an element of science, a component that most anime series don’t incorporate. Most anime productions have magic and superpowers. However, its use of science draws people in.

The use science of makes Dr. Stone more believable. It makes the show more relatable and engaging. It’s real enough for people to understand and learn, but relies on fantasy to spark people’s imagination.

Its uniqueness is why there’s a strong chance at Dr Stone Season 2.

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The Manga Is Still Continuing

Dr. Stone manga first started being published in March 2017. The first anime episode was aired two years later. Both are still going strong to this day, and have no signs of stopping.

With new manga of Dr. Stone still being produced solidifies new storylines for the anime of Dr. Stone. This guarantees new plots for not just Dr. Stone Season 2, but for seasons to come.

Opposites Sides Clash and its Role in Dr. Stone Season 2

This is the most obvious element of the show: The opposition.

As the show progresses, the people become divided based on whether they think strength or intelligence is more superior.

Competition draws people in. They love it when there’s a dispute, especially when there’s a chance to finally decide who was right. That’s why sports are one of the most popular topics in the whole entire world!

Politics is also very hot-button topic. That’s because it incorporates two or more different parties with different views vying for more power; vying for superiority.

This type of tension and passion draws people in. Especially when the topic of intellectual vs. physical has been debated for many years.

The pressure on figuring out this long-awaited answer has made fans go frantic. The original release was set to be from around late summer to fall of 2020. For months, viewers have been awaiting the release of Dr. Stone Season 2.

Dr. Stone Season 2

Is Dr Stone Season 2 Out?

There have been sudden changes in our world. Due to this, many fans have been confused. From racial inequality to a global pandemic to the California forest fires, entertainment has taken the back seat.

Dr. Stone enthusiasts have been blindsided by all the commotion. Most don’t even know if Dr Stone Season 2 is already out yet or cancelled. Dr. Stone Season 2 hasn’t premiered, yet.

Crunchyroll is a very well-known and popular anime streaming website. It’s considered one of the best anime sites to go to for content.

If you want more suggestions for good anime sites visit this article on the Top 7 Best KissAnime Alternatives.

The site has been promoting Dr. Stone since its premiere on July 5th, 2019. The site has the first season and would’ve been the first site to stream Dr. Stone Season 2.

If Crunchyroll hasn’t obtained it by now, there’s a chance that Dr. Stone Season 2 might never come…

Is Dr. Stone Season 2 Cancelled?

The coronavirus devastated the world. With more than 1 million COVID-19 deaths worldwide, almost all productions have been halted. Dr. Stone’s future seemed to be over.

However, some exciting news has recently been announced.

The release date of Dr Stone Season 2 is January 2021.

The exact day of the first episode of Dr Stone Season 2 being aired is still uncertain. However, we know the month of the release.

The anime world’s very fortunate that the Dr Stone Season 2 didn’t share the same as most entertainment productions.

Here is the trailer for Dr Stone Season 2.



Also, here’s a video BEHIND THE SCENES: The Creation of Dr. Stone and Anime. It’s amazing how it’s all put together! You won’t regret it!

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