‘Dragon Ball Super’ Summary and Spoiler of chapter 65

Dragon Ball Super is an animation show. It started in 2015. Dragon Ball Super chapter 65 spoiler is all over the news. The fans have translated the episodes and posted it on social media. The article will have information on the summary, the release dates, and some leaked videos. People who want to wait to see the show should not read this further.

The basic story of the show is  Beerus, the god of destruction, is awake from a decade of sleeping. Beerus wants to defeat Goku, the Super Saiyan God. It has got 87% in Rotten Tomatoes and an eight out of ten in TV.com. Moreover, the show has an 8.4 out of ten in IMDb. The original title of the show is “Dragon Ball Super: Doragon bôru cho”. So far the show had 131 episodes. Season one of Dragon Ball Super is available on Amazon Prime.

“Son Goku, The Earthling” is the title of chapter 65 in Dragon Ball Super:

Chapter 65 starts with Kuririn looking at a battlefield. He sees that Doku is doing fine, and he did not need the Senzu.

Dragon Ball Super Spoiler
Dragon Ball Super Spoiler

Simultaneously, Goku sees Moru under the rocks. Goke helps him and asks Moro to stand up. When Moro was getting up, he saw that Goku disappeared and went to Kuririn. The Goku took the Senzu from Kuririn and disappeared again.

Moro requires help. Goku agrees to help only if Moro goes back to Galactic Patrol Prison. He swears to never even try to escape the prison. The plot gets more interesting. Moro was hesitant and surprised. Consequently, he gave the Senzu to Moro.

Moro obtains his strength back after eating the Senzu. Moro gets more powerful, and all his abilities are better than before. Goku reminds Moro of the promise. Moro with a thankful gesture, says “Of course. Thank you, Son Goku. But I have one thing left to do. That is… To kill you!”.

For the rest of the story, people need to watch Dragon Ball Super chapter 65.

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