Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson suffers face injury during workout

The rock suffers face injury during workout says he needs stitches.
Former WWE superstar took Instagram to reveal that he got a cut in his face while working out.

This former WWE superstar always been in a shape whether he is in the ring or not; He is known for his great built. In his recently posted Instagram video he proved that having body like him is not a easy task to accomplish. Even, The rock suffers face injury.

He spoke about his recent injury in his latest video as :

  • He said :we ain’t playin tiddlywinks and we ain’t reciting nursery rhymes, It’s called iron paradise (his personal gym) for a reason and things can get extremely intense .
  • The Rock suffers Face injury because of his 50lb chain while doing drop set he revealed
  • Taste your blood he also added in this video
    (He really did tasted his blood in  posted video ) and wrote what blood really tastes like
  • He also wished productive and fun week to his followers

After watching this post people can’t help but quote, How intense Dwayne Johnson can get.
Blood stream ran down from 48year old actor and fitness enthusiast face next to his eye.
The rock suffers this face injury only after a week announcing he was COVID positive

Recently Dwayne Johnson and family test positive for COVID-19 and requested all his followers and fans to take all precautionary measures to fight this deadly virus.

Although he confirmed that Johnson and family doing pretty well and they are no longer contagious.

The rock’s other injuries :

The rock suffers face injury during workout
The rock suffers face injury, image credit: Pinterest.com

Injuries are not a term for this Former wrestler He sustained Many injuries during his WWE career.

The rock’s torn abductor and abdominal muscles injury is reportedly a legitimate injury.
He also had multiple knee surgeries because of minor injuries

In fact, he wouldn’t even be the man he is today had he not suffered some bad injuries he has achieved so much in his life by overcoming all this minor and major hurdles.

Would you be able to continue this intense work out sessions if you have such injuries.

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