EA Play Comes to X Box Game Pass on Console and Android Available on December 15 on PC.

EA Play Comes to X Box Game:

EA Play Comes to X Box Game Pass on Console and Android, Available on December 15 on PC. The collaboration between  EA play and X Box comes as an exciting change for gamers because EA play is complimentary.  Many games such as Velocity Warmth, Battlefield V, fallen order, etc are available on EA play.



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 Microsoft’s X Box:

You can explore the new generation of games and entertainment with the Microsoft X box. It’s a gaming brand for a better experience of the game. Microsoft has developed many generation gaming consoles to enjoy the games better. This is extremely popular among youngsters. Phil Spencer is the head of X Box.

EA play:

It’s a gaming company and it develops games that are popular globally. Anyone can experience these games through live broadcasts, community content, etc. EA play helps you to unlock exclusive challenges, access the game library, and save 10 % on the purchase of all digital EA purchases including Playstation 4. Previously EA access is now EA play.

EA Play Comes to X Box Game collaboration:

Already X Box comes with a contribution of $10 or Rs 489  and now you can play EA play games for free. If you have an android or PC or laptop you can download up to 60 games to play including FIFA, Need for Speed, etc.

Meanwhile, EA play has also teamed up with Steam:

The subscription package of EA play will be seen on steam from 31st August 2020. The games such as Starwars: Battlefield, Dragon Age: Inquisition, etc will be available. The gaming circles Fans are excitedly waiting for the launch. EA stands for electronic arts and is giving away discounts on digital purchases from its partner Steam.

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