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1. The word limit will be recommended by your mentors.

2. More and more keywords should be used.

What are keywords ?

A keyword is any word you as a user would type into google or any other search engine to find something. for example: Search engine discovers a page with the word “Apple” on it, how does it differentiate whether the Apple is a fruit, Apple is a brand or Apple is name of any pet? It uses Latent semantic indexing keywords, if there are words like fruit, taste, flavor in the article then it would be easy for search engine to determine that the article is all about the “Apple fruit”. Hence in this example fruit, taste and flavor can be termed as LSI keywords for keyword “Apple”.

3. Find the top searches regarding your topic on Google in order to make your article more accurate and efficient.
You can refer to the following link: Google trends

4. Try to include more and more internal as well as external links in your article.

5. Make use of bold and italics.

(Typography matters a lot. Readers tend to love great content with great typography. The majority of readers are speed-readers, to stop them from doing so, use speed breakers, like bold and italic texts. Italize sentences like conversations and bold important points.)

6. The writer should not include these words in the title of there article.You can check those words over here:
Click Here

7. The title that you are choosing for your article, search that title on google and try to take a basic idea from the top three searches.

8. The writer should always stick to active voice while writing the content.

Writing sentences in active voice makes them more reader-friendly. This is the simplest way of presenting your ideas to your target audience.It makes your piece more straightforward by creating a clear image of ‘who is doing what’ in the minds of your readers.Whenever you write sentences in the passive voice, you put the subject at the end, while the object and action come first. This construction can hide who performs the action in your sentences, causing confusion to your audience.
Sentences in active voice tend to communicate with readers directly, and this will make your content more engaging.

9. Write short and simple sentences, so that the audience could easily understand the basic idea behind your article.

10. The content of your article should be pleasing and convincing.

11. Important information first, the starting of the article should have all the important facts and figures.

Writing for the web will require you to present your most important information at the beginning of your piece.
Remember, you only have 15 seconds to capture the interest of your site visitor. One effective way to do that is to let them know what you’re offering upfront.

People come to your site looking for something. Show them what they want, then offer them the information that they need.

12. Try to increase the readability of your article.

If your sentences are too long, or you’re using unfamiliar words in your content, you’re more likely to lose your audience.
There’s no exact rule on how long a sentence should be for web content.
But, as a rule of thumb, limit your words to less than 20 per sentence. Then, try to limit your paragraphs to two to three sentences only.

Common mistakes in most of the articles:-

1.Title of the article should not be very long.
2.Use simple words,synonyms which are easy to understand.
3.Use of passive voice should be minimum.
4.Length of the sentences should not be more than 20 words.
5.Paragraphs should be short.
6.There should be subheadings included after certain paragraphs.
7.Different paragraphs should not start with similar words.