Former Miss America Leanza Cornett Dies From Head Injury.

Miss America Leanza Cornett:

Former Miss America Leanza Cornett dies because of head injury. Leanza Cornett was  Miss America in 1993 and was 49 at the time of death. She died because of brain injury due to a fall. Leanza died after 2 weeks of sustaining the brain injury. The Miss America association announced her death but gave no official cause yet.

Miss America Leanza Cornett dies at 49
Miss America Leanza Cornett dies at 49.
Miss America Organisation:

Her friend and roommate Susan Roberts said Leanza fell down in the kitchen causing the brain injury. Miss America organization representative said on Instagram that they have lost a valuable member of their family. She also mentioned that  Leanza had an infectious smile and was a good human being too. They send their condolence to her family and friends.

 Leanza Cornett:

Leanza born in Jacksonville, Florida was a true beauty queen. A beautiful woman, television personality, National sweetheart 1991, Miss Florida 1992, and Miss America 1993. she was the live version of The Little Mermaid at the Walt Disney resort shows. She also hosted shows such as The Entertainment tonight, Who wants to marry a millionaire, etc. Leanza was married to Mark Steines and had two kids Kai and Harper. She divorced Mark later.

The cause of Leanza’s death:

Although the cause of her death is not official yet, it is said she died from a head injury. The surgery, Leanza had on Tuesday was to stop the bleeding from her head injury. doctors say there were continuous bleeding and swelling. Brain injuries are unpredictable.

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