Fortnite Silver Surfer is coming up with other exciting new characters

Fortnite from it’s beginning surprise it’s a user with new character and tools. It’s a treat to all online video games lover out there. Fortnite Silver Surfer is soon going to released by Fortnite according to the leaks.

The online game developers are most likely to release the new sets of characters on 30th August. This release of Fortnite is there chapter 2 and season 4. This chapter is going to include numerous marvel character Thor, Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk), Groot, Storm, Doctor Doom, Mystique, Tony Stark (Iron Man), and Wolverine Skins.

Silver surfer
Fortnite’s new silver surfer

To unlock all the characters one needs to purchase the Fortnite’s season battle pass. The new season by Fortnite dubbed as the Nexus war.

Silver Surfer Skin, Herald’s Star Back Bling, Silver Surfer’s Board Glider, Silver Surfer Pickaxe, Reflector Wrap are there in the store of Fortnite season4.

Leaks confirmed that there will be a complete Silver surfer bundle that will available for the gamer. Though Epic has not yet released any official statement yet. But these new characters and surfers are likely to be released by today or tomorrow.

It will be exciting for all Marvel fans to get all their favorite Marvel characters and surfers in an all-new look. But iOS users might not update the latest season due to the ongoing battle between Apple and Epic games. Epic is having an issue with Apple’s app in purchase policy and there won’t be available any new update till the issue resolved.

A number of changes will be there in season 4 with more comic references and changes in the map. Stay tuned all the gamers out there to purchase your favorite Marvel characters skin and the Fortnite Silver Surfer. If not all there are pretty chances of getting most of the characters in season4.

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