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Games similar to Among Us are not as rare as many players might believe.

Games Like Among Us Games similar to Among Us are not as rare as many players might believe. The essential elements of the game being social interaction combined with deduction is seen in other games. The trick is identifying which games are similar enough to Among Us that fan will want to play them. To that end, a few of the top alternatives are mentioned in this article. Of course, by no means our gamesmanship here are the absolute best in overall opinion. Given the vast number of games of this nature, there is quite a lot of for interpretation. what this article aims to simply point out some of the best games similar to Among Us.

Among Us

To understand how some Games are similar to Among Us you first need to know about Among Us. The original title is an online multiplayer social deduction game. Put another way it is an online multiplayer mystery game similar to clue. The game has a sci-fi theme and setting in which 4 to 10 players take on various roles. Specifically, the majority of the players are crewmates who work as a team. However, 1 to 3 players are randomly chosen to be imposters, the antagonist of the game.


The objective of the crewmates is to repair damage and sabotage to the map and identify the imposters. The imposter’s objective is to sabotage the map and also kill the crewmates. Additionally, players who have been killed remain as ghosts on the map. Their objective is to continue helping with her side they were on a win.

The crewmates win the game by completing a list of damage and sabotage repairs. This is achieved through a set of mini-games most of which must be done before time runs out. The other win conditions for the crewmates are to identify and eject all the imposters. The imposters on the other hand have different criteria for victory. An imposter wins when sabotage they have done has a count that reaches zero. When the count hits zero the sabotage activates killing all remaining crewmates. Imposters also have the ability to kill individual crewmates.

Following these criteria, the imposters win when the number of crewmates is equal to the number of imposters. It’s important to note, that crewmates cannot directly kill imposters. Instead, when a crewmate finds a body a meeting is called in which the participants attempt to identify the imposter. However, Among Us Mod Menu APK adds modifications that improve this gameplay considerably.

Games similar to Among Us

Enemy on Board

One Games similar to Among Us is enemy on board. The game is a multiplayer with up to 8 players in a game divided into two teams. Six of the players on the team are the crew and the other two are shape shifting aliens. The cruise goal is to identify the and eliminate while maintaining the ships generator to open communications between the crew. The alien’s objective is to so discord amongst the crew and eliminate them one by one. Basically, this is one of the games most similar to Among Us on the Internet. It shares both a similar sci-fi theme and setting as well as a similar goal for both sides of the game. However, there are some notable differences between two games.

Specifically, enemy on board allows both factions to actively attempt to eliminate each other. In other words, the crew can actively try and kill the imposters which is not possible in Among Us. This puts an additional emphasis on maintaining communications between the crewmates. Instead of call a meeting to discuss who they think is the imposter in this game they simply start shooting. Additionally, the game emphasizes survival on both sides for the power of bonus. In the case of the aliens taking on the true forms to better annihilate the crew. While the crew member lives long enough, they’ll turn into a cyborg capable of identifying and dispatching the aliens. A fan among us is looking for a game similar to it but with more action this startup is perfect.


Project Winter


Project Winter is a social production survival game similar to Among Us. it is an eight person online multiplayer game that focuses on survival and treachery. The premise of the game is survival in a hostile winter environment until you’re able to escape. Eight players worked together to harvest resources and repair structures until rescue vehicles arrive. However, one or two of the players are actually traitors who have infiltrated the group of survivors.

Their goal is to build up their strength and spread discord through the rest of the group. Ultimately, their goal is to eliminate the other survivors and escape. The biggest differences between this game and Among Us is the type of survival and the setting. Specifically, the lack of any Science Fiction elements and the focus on resource gathering to survive. This game is an excellent choice for fans that want something a little more like ARK survival.

Games similar to Among Us

Town of Salem

Town of Salem is perhaps the best of the Games similar to Among Us. In fact, it may be better among us for no other reason than it is older. It does still have the same social deduction foundation but its scope is far larger. Specifically, where among us has essentially to character types and actions town of Salem has 33. each of the 33 characters has a different role to fulfill the town with different abilities. the player can take on the role of the town’s person a.k.a. good guy. Their objective is to protect the other townspeople and find the bad guys.

The bad guys are characters that hit in agendas/characteristics. These consist of serial killers, Mafia dons, and arsonists. As their classes suggest their role is to interfere with the rest of the town in accordance with their classes. Additionally, town of Salem is able to support up to 15 players in one game. The aim of the bad guys is to eliminate all the other players using their skills. Game for the good guys is to win by eliminating the bad guys. As a result, of all the Games similar to Among Us this is one of the best.