Google changes logos for Gmail, Hangouts, Meet and more

Google has officially decided to change the logos for its Hangouts, Gmail, GMeet and many others.

Google changes logos for Gmail, Hangouts, Meet and more

Google’s email service Gmail has a new logo now. The new logo corresponds with a number of other services; such as that of Drive, Docs, Calendar and Meet; provided by the tech giant.

Its new Google logo will have an M with a colour scheme that corresponds with Google’s core brand colours; that is blue, red, yellow and green.

It’s about time that we wave goodbye to the old white and red envelope.

A major reason behind this is to bring all of Google’s services in line with one another. However, the change is just in the logo; and the services will not bring about any additional updates as such.

As a part of the new rebranding initiative undertaken by Google; most of its services will now feature new logos and icons. The initiative is a part of the reorganizing its GSuite to that of Google Workspace.

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This will eventually bring more enhanced productivity and collaboration to all the services functional under the GSuite. As a result, GChat, GMeet, among others will also feature a new look in the next few days.

Furthermore, the Calendar by Google will retain its primary colour blue and the number ’31’ in the centre. However, the users will now also notice a few of Google’s other brand colours.

Google won’t be undertaking many changes in its Drive logo as a part of its rebranding initiative. The application’s logo will continue existing as a triangle with partially rounded edges. Additionally, a dashed red with the already existing yellow, blue and green will encompass the change.

Google Chat is also having a new logo and all of it is green. It is rumoured that this is a reference to the Hangouts. Furthermore, all instantaneous communication apps and services by Google will share this colour scheme now on.

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