Google goes green, all products use recycled materials.

Google goes green:

Google goes green, all products use recycled materials. All products like Google pixel and Google nest are using recycled material. David Bourne says there is no sustainability issue because of using recycled material. Bourne says because they want to encourage their dealers also to produce such material, their products are going green-way. David Bourne is a sustainability architect with Google.

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Google is green

Why Google goes green:

Apart from saving mother earth, there are lots of benefits for Corporate giants to go green. Cleaner air to breathe, purer water, energy savings, more productivity, lower electricity bills, etc are such benefits. Google is encouraging consumers to buy green as then they can construct green energy solar panels, windmills, etc. Sunder Pichai, Google CEO, says together they can produce electricity more than what certain small countries consume.

Why everyone should go green:

Not only Corporate giants like Google are going green, but small households also are going green. The reasons include but not limited to low electricity bills and up to 20 % saving on energy. If you can invest in a small solar panel, you get a low electricity bill each time. Low water bills and cleaner, purer water, and fresher air. Spread awareness about going green as you have to leave a better earth for your future generations.

 How to  go green:

Now that the benefits of going green are clear, the next question is how to go green. Use less paper, go digital. recycle, save electricity by buying energy-efficient appliances or products only, etc. You also a cycle for travelling short distances. Increase the green print by literally planting green trees.

COVID 19 initiatives: It’s heartening to know that Tech giants are such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc are taking initiatives to fight Corona and boost the morale of the general public.

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