Google to shift Hangout Users to Google Chat by Next Year

Google has officially announced that it will shift its users from Google Hangouts to Google Chat as early as the first half of the next year. The decision was undertaken as a part of re-branding of Google Workspace; previously and popularly known as G Suite.

Google to shift Hangout Users to Google Chat by Next Year

Google Workspace is a common platform that brings other services; such as, Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, Drive, Docs, Slides, Meet and now Chat; offered by the tech giant under one roof in an integrated and unified manner.

Furthermore, until now the Google Chat option was available only to the users having access to the G Suite Premium. However, under the re-branding Chat will now be available as a free service within Gmail as well as a standalone app; similar to that of the existing Google Hangouts.

Google Chat will share similar Hangouts features and discard others. Moreover, Google has also claimed that the new chat application will retain Gmail’s phishing mechanism. This further means that links and other attachments sent through Google Chat will be run through real-time data offered by Google Safe Browsing. It will automatically flag any malicious content that does not adhere to the community guidelines.

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The users will be restricted from dialling Hangout phone numbers beginning early next year.

The Google has also promised its Hangouts users that their data, including their search and chat history and contacts; will be transitioned and shifted automatically to the new Google Chat once the changes are undertaken next year in 2021.

However, Google has so far not given out any official date or notice for the transition. However, according to the sources, the transition would be steady and both Hangouts and Chat will be accessible for a while.

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