“Help! I Wrecked My House” Jasmine Roth to Your Rescue

In her new show “Help! I Wrecked My House” Jasmine Roth is going to help confused Homeowners with their renovations.  The HGTV star will help homeowners complete complex DIY projects. In each episode Roth and her teamwork to save ruined home renovation projects. We can see Roth working to restore the DIY projects with her signature style while complying with the needs of individual clients.

Jasmine Roth is widely known for fixing disasters and in the premiere of the season she took on Kevin and Heather.  The pair had been living in the new home for 6 months and had started on everything but couldn’t seem to finish anything.

In this episode of “Help! I wrecked My Home” Kevin and Heather are a couple who have a hard time making decisions. They couldn’t decide which tiles to use what plumbing to use. So Jasmine had to take over every aspect of renovation from the Kitchen to the Bathroom. Heather and Kevin struggled to choose a tile which will make their kitchen look homey. But Jasmine took care of that and fixed their Kitchen perfectly.  Meanwhile, a wall was left unfinished in their office because the couple didn’t know what to do with it. The office was easy for Jasmine but the real shocker was their Bathroom. Jasmine was speechless to find how much work had to be done in the Bathroom.

"Help! I wrecked your house"
“Jasmine Roth’s Latest Project”
 Jasmine’s Latest Problem

But that’s the whole basis for her show “Help! I wrecked my House” to help people who are clueless. Kevin admitted to jasmine that they wanted to make another bathroom but just dint know how to style it or what plumbing to go with.  The couple also requested jasmine to do their backyard. After taking a look Jasmine cut to the chase and asked the pair how their dream house would look like.

While Jasmine knew it was a lot of work she quickly made the plans. But was shocked to discover that their plumbing was wrecked as the water was coming up instead of going down the drain. This was a serious roadblock in her renovation plans, but instead of looking at it as a spoiler she worked on it and went ahead with her renovations. Jasmine had her work cut for her but she managed to complete the house in time and with a layout that would perfectly suit the couple, their Baby, and their dog.  Jasmine had changed the whole essence of the house. After being away for 1 month it was finally time for the pair to look at their house. They were shocked speechless and profoundly thankful to Jasmine Roth.  Jasmine had worked her magic once again.

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  1. hello jasmine we bought a house and started to fix it up ends up that we have rotted wood in the bathroom a porch t hat was rotted we have both unfinished and we are living on bare minimum and we have 3 kids were raising and we have a kitchen floor ripped out and we all moved down to fix it up but now we’re stuck because money ran out the project wasn’t supposed to have been as bad as it was if you could help that would be great we just moved and none of us are working because we wanted to get the house done thank you


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