This year Hotstar has tied up with dream 11 as a sponsor to telecast IPL 2020 on their platform. Therefore, we have come for you with our latest Hotstar Mod Apk, which you can use to watch IPL 2020 Match. A pandemic has hit the planet earth. Being at home, who doesn’t get bored? That boredom is solved by watching a prior tv show or a web series or movies. Binge-watching entertainment on all streaming platforms made them viral over the past few years. A point to be noted is that Hotstar mod apk has been the only Indian streaming platform that is up and running since 2015.

Here is the link for Hotstar Mod IOS if you want to use Hotstar Mod on IOS Devices.

Hotstar Mod Apk is free to Watch IPL 2020?

Disney acquired Hotstar recently and adding more features made this platform very likable. The world just experienced an internet revolution in the past decade, which led to the billions of traffic on all streaming platforms, and Hotstar is one of them with no surprise. But one has to purchase a premium membership of Hotstar in order to avail of all premium features. So to avoid buying premium plans we have come up with the Hotstar Mod apk free in which all premium features are unlocked for free.

Disney+ Hotstar premium apk plan is available at a price of Rs 1,499 and it costs Rs 399 per year for the VIP plan. The Premium plan has zero restrictions on any sort of content. However, the VIP plan has a few on content like HBO originals. Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ are few of the world’s most popular streaming platforms. However, most of the people can’t afford the subscription for these services. That’s where Hotstar mod apk fits in. This free, functional, and all-inclusive streaming platform is the one to look out for. Excited to know more? Go ahead!

Hotstar Disney+

Hotstar Mod apk free version is the modified version of the original Hotstar App. This mod version provides the users total content for free to what they get from their premium plan features. If one uses this version, he can unlock many features that are available to the only premium subscribers. This mod version lets you watch anything, beginning from even a Tv serial to the popular shows, movies in every language.

Hotstar has contents starting from Tv shows and movies, but it also has ways to the entire sports squad. You can watch live streaming of matches that are being played, starting from cricket to football and various other sports. Also, Hotstar is not only limited to India. It features many global language shows and has plenty of options to select from the content. It can be streamed from other countries also.

One feature that puts Hotstar in the top download category is that it supports content in several various languages all over the world. Also, there are over 100 thousand hours of drama and movies, and many of the popular sports programs in the world, “ Hotstar,” is India’s largest premium streaming platform. There are 3 major categories on this streaming service for viewers: Movies, TV shows, Sports, first with the Movies category, there are several subcategories in it, and a cluster of favorite Hollywood movies ever found here.

Special Features of Hotstar Mod Apk  

  • Unlocked Premium and VIP access

This Hotstar mod apk free users have an advantage and that is it would provide the user with all the premium features that a subscriber gets by purchasing. The user can also access all Indian and foreign shows, movies from Bollywood and Hollywood, and all global TV shows that are available on Hotstar. All the sports entertainment will also be available.

  • No more breaks for ads

In the non-Mod app, several ads show up often while watching a show or movie. But if one uses this Hotstar mod apk free, then no ads will be shown. So no more interruptions, only binge-watching!

  • Live Streaming and Sports

Sports are very likable for Indians, be it their football club or their cricket team playing, no one wants to miss scores’ updates. So this Hotstar mod apk will provide you with live streaming of sports, and all sports content with no limits be available to you for free.

  • Download Videos easily

Unsurprisingly, this feature is also available in the Hotstar Premium Mod APK. The world is changing fast, and one generally does not have time to watch stuff except for when they are moving to their workplace or are having themselves a break from some work. If you are somewhere with a low internet connection, it is best to download the videos that will be available in this Hotstar mod apk. Enjoy with Streaming whenever and wherever you want!

  • No more logging in

This feature is probably a good feature of this mod apk. In the actual app, you always need to login to your account and other access to content. But if you install this Hotstar mod apk, then there is no requirement of login. No detail of yours gets out, thus, your privacy remains secure. What is stopping you, go ahead, install it, and enjoy.

  • No permissions required

Any app designed for an android smartphone asks you to allow the app-specific permissions. In this Hotstar mod apk, no permissions are required. One can use the app with ease, without granting any agreements, and no personal details will get registered in the app.

  • Can use VPN services

VPN services don’t work when you are using the original Hotstar app, whereas, with this mod, you can have it too if you want to see different shows.

Hotstar Disney Plus Mod Apk How to download and install?

Follow the guide given below to download the mod apk free with disney+ :

  • Download Hotstar Mod Apk free from the link provided here
  • Then, install Hotstar mod apk free on your mobile.
  • Follow all the procedure
  • Finally, you have successfully installed Hotstar mod apk free with Disney+ subscription for free.

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Fans have been patiently waiting for IPL 2020 to the premier and now their wishes have come true and Therefore we are helping every cricket fan to Watch IPL 2020 for free by providing Special Hotstar Mod apk free. The first watch of IPL 2020 released on 19 September and the number viewer we are providing Special Mod Apk free which will allow every user who has downloaded the Mod to watch IPL 2020 free without buying Hotstar premium.

Check Latest Version of Hotstar Premium for Free

This will also help the user to Watch IPL 2020 in full HD without any Buffering and also give them updates about upcoming matches. Every cricket and IPL fan who wants to Watch IPL 2020 free can download Special Hotstar Mod Apk free with the link below. Just make to Download Special Hotstar Mod apk free, and you’ll be able to watch IPl 2020. You don’t have to do anything else, and with this, you can stream IPL 2020 in HD without buffering and without paying for Hotstar premium.

Working Hotstar IPL 2020 Mod APK Special Working:-

  • You will now be able to watch live streaming IPL 2020 for free.
  • Extremely High Video Quality Video Support.
  • No type of error while installing and using the app.
  • No bugs in the new update.
  • Modified version original Hotstar for Ipl 2020.

 Hotstar Premium APK Free with Disney+ Latest for Android Download

If you are looking to Download Hotstar Mod Apk free for IPL 202,n you will have the download link for Hostar Mod Apk. Hotstar Premium has been pretty popular ever since its release and anyone who wants to download or watch shows, movies, and series is their first choice. People also have been searching for Hotstar premium apk and Hotstar premium free ever since Ipl 2020 start in started.

And this is expected as Ipl 2020 is being watched by millions of people using our Hotstar premium apk. And there, if you are looking for Hotstar premium apk or Hotstar Mod apk free, you have come to the right place. Due to Covid-19 people are not allowed to go to stadiums to watch Ipl 2020 and hence people are looking for Hotstar premium free to watch Ipl 2020. And this has caused Hotstar and Disney a lot of profit as due to Ipl their viewership has increased by millions.

So you might be thinking about what is the benefit of using Mod Apk free. First, we are providing only working Hotstar Premium Mod Apk, and it is the only way to watch Ipl 2020. Along with this, you’ll be able to watch and download any shows, series, and movies available on Hotstar premium free. But that is not all this Hotstar Mod apk will allow you to watch and stream these shows and movies in high-quality HD without any latency or buffering. And there, we recommend you use our download link provided in this article to download Hotstar Premium Mod Apk.

Watch IPL  Free using Hotstar Mod.

As of now, 7 IPL matches have already been played, and if you have been missing the action just because you do not have a Hotstar Premium Apk. Don’t worry, we have brought the Hotstar mod apk for you. Find the link below and download the app to start watching IPL 2020 free on Hotstar mod.

We have great news for you guys. If you have been searching for Hotstar mod apk to Access and use Hotstar Premium account free. To watch ipl 2020 then you are at the right place. Because we are the only website that is provided mod apk for free to see ipl 2020. And we are able to do this by using Hotstar premium apk and modding it in such away. That you’ll be able to use Hotstar premium free.

 Hotstar Premium Apk including Disney+

This will give you unlimited access to all Ipl 2020. Matches along with other shows, movies, and series. That is available on the Hotstar premium account. This Hotstar Mod Apk is free to use and has been updated to remove all the bugs and compatibility issues. To that are in other Hotstar premium free accounts which make them unable to watch ipl 2020. You’ll also be able to stream ipl 2020 in HD. And without any buffering issues using our Hotstar premium mod apk.

Cricket is the most-watched and most loved sport in India as it is watched by millions of people daily. And because of the start of ipl 2020, there has been a huge increase. In the purchase of Hotstar premium accounts. Because that is the only way to watch ipl. But this has caused problems for many people in India as the Hotstar premium price is very high. And not many people are able to afford a Hotstar premium account. And to tackle the problem of Hotstar premium price. We are providing our own modded version of the Hotstar Premium apk. To help all cricket lovers watch ipl 2020. Down Below you’ll find the link and clicking on the link you’ll be able to download. To access Hotstar premium for free.