How to Get Dasha in Free Fire in 3 Simple Steps – Learn how to get Dasha now

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  • Dasha is one of the latest and greatest characters in FreeFire
  • This article will showcase how to get her, and how to make the most of her.

Not all of us have had the chance to get Dasha or to get a lovely summary of her. So here we’ll both be explaining who she is, why we want her, and how to get her in Free Fire.

Who’s Dasha and why do I care?

Dasha is your classic 25 year old who is a punk, and loves to party. She has the passive ability, Party On, like many other characters. She plays a critical role, like many other characters. The game in total, supports about 34 characters, each of which need to be purchased through diamonds or gold. Others are event-bound, unable to be actually purchased, but are earned instead.

Dasha is a new edition. She was just added to the game a few short days ago. Until now, players were unable to obtain the character. When they clicked on the get button, they were blocked from being able to. But now, you can get her if you follow these simple steps.

Her Party On ability has these effects:

  • 1.Reduce damage taken from falls by 30%
  • 2.Reduce recover time from falls by 60%
  • 3.Reduce the rate of recoil buildup by 6%
  • 4.Reduce maximum recoil by 6%

Okay, so how can I get Dasha? Tell me already.

Right now, Dasha can only be obtained from the event related to her. This event began today and will end in three days, so you’ll have to hurry if you want to get her. To get her, you’ll have to fork out the following:

  1. Dasha – 100 Diamonds
  2. Dasha’s Part (Girl Bundle) – 300 Diamonds
  3. Scar – Party Animal – 500 Diamonds

By purchasing the above, you’ll get Dasha, and more. Follow these steps just to make sure you do everything right.

1.Click on the Events icon.

2.Click on the Dasha Top Up Event

3.Click on the claim button to get rewards.

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