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How To Play Monster Mode in Among Us [Best Game Settings]

Among Us Monster Mode

Monster Mode in Among Us : For some people, just playing Among Us by itself is not the best way to play. Recently, fans have pioneered a way to refresh the gameplay ideas for Among Us by making uploads.

While the modes aren’t exactly available to play in-game, they are available to play if you have enough imagination. Many modes exist for Among Us at the moment, but right now we will just be covering one of them: the Monster Mode.

This mode takes the gameplay to a next level, and introduces parameters that can make the game more exciting. In this article will discuss the rules, the format, the end game settings you will need to know about the Monster Mode Among Us.

How to play the Monster Mode Among Us

Firstly, please note, that the Monster Mode Among Us should only be played with friends that you can communicate with via voice chat and not random players. Because this mode is unofficial, all of the intents of this mode are not the intents of the creators of Among Us.

Here are the rules of Monster in among us.

  • At the beginning of the game the impostor’s identity will not be revealed until the crewmate discovers him when he murdered someone.
  • Once that happens that crew mate can tell other crew mates about the murder and who is the murderer.
  • Imposters are allowed to do everything that they are able to do in the normal game. This means they can sabotage, go in events, kill, and turn off lights and lock doors.
  • Ghosts are not allowed to tell the killer’s identity.
  • Crew mates can warn other players if they are getting near the killer.
  • Dead bodies are unable to be reported.
  • Emergency meetings are unable to be called.
  • Impostors can vent kill crew mates.

Game Settings for Monster Mode Among us: 

Among Us Monster Mode

Secondly, here are the in game settings needed for Monster Mode.

  • Player speed 1.5 X
  • Crewmate vision 2.0 X
  • Impostor vision .25 X
  • Kill cooldown 10 seconds
  • Kill distance medium
  • Visual tasks on
  • Common tasks 0
  • Long tasks 0
  • Short tasks 5

The reason people play this monster mode game is that this game is kind of like a game of cat and mouse. The killer is given more advantages and the players act more as a group rather than individual units, especially when the killer has killed multiple crewmates.

Additionally, you can try playing this mode with your friends to spice up your Among Us lobbies. Comment below if you had fun with this new model which is Monster Mode.

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