Hugh Keays-Byrne Dead: Actor who played Immortan Joe In ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ was 73

Actor Hugh keays-Byrne Dies :

Mad Max: Fury Road actor Hugh keays-Byrne dies on Tuesday morning. Keays-Byrne’s Manger confirmed this saddening news on Wednesday. He was 73. Directors Ted Geoghegan and Brian Trenchard-smith Broke this news on their social media accounts.

Hugh Keays-Byrne was a great actor. His acting performances touched our hearts. Actor’s family asked for privacy. And further details is not clear.

what people is saying about him :

Be it actor or Director he ever worked with. All of them remember him as a greatest human being. Hugh keays-Byrne always stood up for wrong. He always helps needy. Protests against issues like human rights and environment are in full rage now. But Hugh never afraid to talk about environment and human rights decades ago

Hugh Keays- Byrne Hollywood career :

we all have known this actor for his role in Mad Max series. World will never forget toecutter. He made this role iconic. But Hugh keays-Byrne has many films and Roles registered under his name.

Apart from Toecutter in mad Max , There are movies like :

Hugh keays- Byrne dies
Actor who played Toecutter in Mad Max, Hugh keays-Byrne dies at 73


  • He played lord VIIe in Blood of heroes in the year 1989.
  • Peter in Resistance in the year 1992.
  • Inspector Farouk in Les Patterson saves the world in the year 1987.
  • Title role in movie kangaroo in the year 1987.
  • How can we not include Toecutter from Mad Max in 1979 and 2015.
  • Morris Grosse in the movie The man from Hong Kong in year 1975.

Apart from movies Hugh Keays-Byrne worked on many plays and television series. He was even the part of Shakespeare company.


Hugh Keays- Byrne personal life :

Hugh Keays- Byrne was an Indian born. He was born to British parents and moved to uk in his early stage of childhood. He than moved to Australia for his acting career. Hence we can watch him in many Australian movies and plays.


  • Actor Hugh Keays-Byrne dies at 73.
  • News was broke by director Ted Geoghegan and Brian Trenchcard- smith.
  • Further this news is confirmed by actor’s manger saying his Hugh’s  family is asking for privacy.

Have you ever watched any movies of this great actor ?