Hydroxychloroquine: a drug used to treat malaria is said to have proven to be a boon in the fight against the nearly fatal coronavirus, However, the question arises is it a way out to wipe off the disease from this planet completely?

  1. It is sold under the name Plaquenil famously.
  2. It is also called Hydroxychloroquine sulfate.
  3. Administrated by mouth.
  4. It is highly in demand and its availability may hinder political relations among various countries.

Hydroxychloroquine was approved for medical use in the US in 1955, so It is on the world health organization list of essential medicines, the safest and most effective medicines needed in a health system. In 2017, it was the 128th most prescribed medication in the United States.

In the 1980s, there were alarming amounts of malaria cases in India, during which the drug chloroquine was widely prescribed. For instance, Chloroquine is a drug similar to Hydroxychloroquine which is slightly more terrible.

Side effects:

Common side effects include vomiting, and headache, changes in vision nausea mood swings and muscle weakness. Severe cases may include allergic reactions. The side effects may be visible even after the discontinuation of the drug. Overdosing on the drug may even lead to death. Similarly, side effects include anemia, liner failure, hair loss, psoriasis, tinnitus, etc.

There has been a widespread uproar over the Indian Council For Medical Rese3arch(ICMR) recommending the drug for protection against COVID 19. Doctors are, however, still not completely certain of its antiviral properties.

Hydroxychloroquine was shown to inhibit SARS-COV-2 in a lab setting but a further study concluded that Hydroxychloroquine, was more patent than chloroquine, with a more tolerable safety profile.

How will Hydroxychloroquine affect India’s relationship with the United States of America?

The President of the United States, Mr.Donald Trump had called India’s Prime Minister Modi, a day after the country banned the export of Hydroxychloroquine, which it manufactures in large quantities.

The local media says that the government was considering Mr.Trump’s request and a decision is expected on Tuesday.

The US President’s comments made at the white house press briefing on Monday haven’t gone very well with many in India, with critics pointing out that there was no need for even to be so abrasive when Mr. Modi already agreed to help.

Brand Names:

It is frequently sold as a sulphate salt known as Hydroxychloroquine sulphate. 200 mg of the sulphate salt is equal to 155 mg of the base.

Brand names of Hydroxychloroquine include plaquerine, Hydroquen, Axemal (In India), Dolquine, Quensyl, andQuinoric.


The wholesale cost in the developing word was about 4.64 $(US Dollars) per month, Due to the buzz of Hydroxychloroquine being a remedy for coronavirus, it prices soared at about 25 $(US Dollars) per month in 2020.